Springtime in Holland…

I have had several quite startling conversations with people recently about some topics that on the surface seem to have nothing to do with each other, however it could be that they are indeed, more closely linked than one would imagine.

Therefore, I ask you, Gentle Reader, where you fall in the following topics. I am seriously interested in your responses.

Why? Because, someone told that I represent a minority in my beliefs and I find that incomprehensible. Not from the standpoint that my belief is in the minority, because seriously – I often find myself in the minority. Rather because it seems to me there is an obvious right and wrong.

It all began over breakfast with a friend a couple of weeks ago, when she mentioned the termination of Rick Wagoner and included the word Dictatorship in the same sentence. Curious phrasing, to be sure, and I tried to joke that I did not believe that we woke up in Cuba. She did not laugh.

She went on to express her extreme dislike with what President Obama is proposing with his national health care plan. She went on to lament that any form of a nationalized health care plan would equate itself to no care, like our poor neighbors in the world for whom the government controls health care.

At this point, for me the conversation became heated.

I pulled out my soapbox, climbed to the top, and shared with her my thoughts on health care…

What we have is not working.

At least it is not working for the majority of us.

I have been saddened to see more “self-pay” patients who are coming to the hospital much sicker, requiring hospitalization and treatments that are more rigorous. This has become such a problem, at least for the hospital that I work for that they recently started a new initiative just to encompass the people who find themselves without any health care at all. I am not sure how many other hospitals are doing this, but I can tell you that I am proud to work for an organization that is taking steps to help the people who live in West Michigan! If you are interested in reading about the details of MetroCare, you can find the link here.

Lastly, on the Torture Debate that seems to be everywhere you go. I heard this report on NPR. When I brought it up to discuss with a friend, he shocked me with his statement that my beliefs were in the minority and that a majority of my fellow Americans think there is nothing wrong with torturing another human being. Yeah, if that does not depress you, I do not know what does.

I guess you can just call me a dictator-loving socialist who would not hurt a flea, much less another person!

I am just looking for a kinder gentler world, really…much kinder and miles gentler.

On a lighter note, I took a weaving class from the amazing and incredible Jane Patrick of Schacht Spindle Co. fame… she is a great teacher and add to that the opportunity to spend the weekend at Beth’s shop and you have the ingredients for a most remarkable weekend. I learned volumes. All I have to say is that what happens in Mecca stays in Mecca… however; the look on Lousmith’s face when I paid him a dollar was worth the price of admission!

Spring has been quietly arriving here in West Michigan and it is more than welcome. I leave you with a shot from the Crab Apple tree in my front yard!

Do not forget to share your thoughts on health care and torture; I am eagerly awaiting your input to this ongoing debate!

Spring '09 by you.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Springtime in Holland…

  1. With the healthcare issue, I think you may actually be in the minority within the US (but don’t worry, it’s around 60/40). It’s rather ironic that millions of people who make minimum wage, and have health care only as long as they hold a job, get all agitated at the mere mention of ‘socialism’, even though socialism could never work in America anyway.

    As for torture, from what I’ve read, there are a significant number of patriotic Americans who believe it is acceptable as long as you don’t actually call it torture.

    However, the real issue is that this type of thinking puts the US in the minority within the global community.

  2. I’m with you. Your “problem” is that you live in West Michigan, probably the MOST conservative area in this state, and akin to some uber conservate places (none of which I can think of right now) in other parts of the country. You’re fine, they’re a bit warped, OK?

    The best part of living where we live is that we can talk about these things in the open and have an actual disagreement about them — right?

  3. It is sad to see otherwise decent people so influenced by right-wing propaganda that they vote against their own best interests and condone conduct that makes us as bad as our enemies.

  4. I live in liberal D.C. and you’d find yourself in a majority here on both issues.

    I think the problem with nationalized health care is that the loud, well-off people who are able to grab the microphone still have employer-funded health care. There’s a growing gulf between them and those who already receive nationalized care (Medicare/Medicaid) of people who, as you say, are doing without to the detriment of their overall health.

    And as for torture, for me it’s a black and white issue — always wrong. I think treating people inhumanely encourages the same in others, which can only be bad for us in the long run.

  5. It pains me to see so many people so closed minded on so many issues.
    I encounter parallel situations daily when others want to discuss the issue du jour, but only as long as everyone agrees with them. In their mind, not only is their way the right way, it is the only way.
    To not even entertain an opposing viewpoint, much less have an intelligent discussion, to me, is beyond criminal.

  6. I’m in no mood to discuss politics, because….all I can think about is weaving right now! I took Jane’s class on Sunday here in Lansing on Double Heddle weaving. My mind can’t deal with real life….it’s much too busy learning this new skill. Glad to see you are loving it too. 🙂

  7. I live in PA and it’s conservative for the most part, the town I live in is approx.95% republican.

    However, I agree with you on both parts, healthcare and torture. I don’t think that you are in the minority at least judging by the people that I hang around with, most of them would agree with you.

    As for the mecca, that is fantastic, I love that you enjoyed yourself and had a great time.

    Love the spring photos too!

    Great post Kat! Happy Mothers Day to you!

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