T-minus 36 hours and counting…

Some twenty-seven odd years ago, my life changed drastically and this weekend the Object of that Change is arriving to visit.

The past weeks have almost had a surreal quality and I truly cannot quite believe that the very thing that I always hoped for, but never believed would happen is coming to fruition this weekend.

I have vacillated between moments of incredible joy to tear filled fear as the day has drawn closer.

What is this monumental occasion that has my world turned upside down, you ask? Gentle reader, the daughter I released for adoption just over 27 years ago is coming for a visit.

In person.

On my doorstep.

To say I am a wreck would be a huge understatement.

She is bringing her mother and her godmother with her for this visit.

Now, the question – who do I hug first?

10 thoughts on “T-minus 36 hours and counting…

  1. Group hug! Simple as that. 🙂

    I hope your time with them is even better than anything you could imagine.

  2. Oh my God Kat. How awesome for you. I am going to be a wreck waiting to hear how your visit goes. I am sure it will be fantastic and wonderful, you get to meet your daughter AND the woman who raised her. What a gift!

  3. Hug them all at once. And laugh and cry with them, too. I hope it’s a great visit and the start of a wonderful friendship.

  4. As I started reading, I assumed this was just another case of Kat hyperbole, apparently not. That’s a pretty significant event you’re about to have, good luck.

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