Undeserved blessings…

Twenty-six years ago, I released a child for adoption. I trusted faithfully that my choice was the right one, and my faith was not in vain.

As you are all aware, this daughter found me last summer and we have stepped forward together on a new path ever since.

This daughter sent me a lovely email for Thanksgiving and I would like to share this excerpt with you all:

“It’s the night before Thanksgiving and I was really wondering what you were going to be doing and hoped that you and your kids will be having a great holiday. I wanted to let you know what I am thankful for since I won’t be with you to tell you. I am thankful for God and the beautiful family that he gave me, for my health, and the health of those I love. Also for helping me find you it has been a long time coming and I am very thankful for that.”

I can tell you simply and truly, Gentle Reader, I am humbled by her beautiful words and can only tell you that I am so undeserving of them. The blessings that this child has poured upon me are sweet and most incredible.

On top of that, Frick and I have struggled in our relationship for some time now, and yesterday I spent time with her and it felt like old times between us – so much so when I called her by her nickname, her face lit up and she crawled in my lap. There was no way to stop the tears from leaking from my eyes as I sat holding her.

When you least expect it, your children do things that you never hoped for nor imagined would ever happen.

It is the unexpected blessings that I am most thankful for…

Also, I need to give a shout out to our two contest winners!!  Congratulations to Biddy and Beverly!!


16 thoughts on “Undeserved blessings…

  1. My mother gave me and my brother up for adoption (though really it was more like just relinquishing visitation rights) when I was 7. While the intellectual in me realizes that it was best for me, it was real hard to get over the feelings of betrayal that I felt emotionally. I’m glad that it seemed to work out with you!

  2. All true blessings are undeserved, I think God plans it that way, so you don’t make the mistake of thinking you did it 🙂

    Glad you had such wonderful ones!

  3. What a special Thanksgiving you must have had. No one can know what truly goes on in people’s minds at the moment of big, life-changing decisions. I can only assume that now you must feel good about it. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season.

  4. As I think you may know my eldest son is adopted. He now knows where his Mother is and could actually meet her. Not sure if he will or not – he may as upon the birth of his own child soon I think he has considered on a health basis.

    Adoption such an emotional journey thank you for sharing. It brings up so many questions but am glad that you clearly have a good relationship with your children (all of them)

  5. *** squishy hugs ***

    I am so glad she sent you a message to let you know she is thinking of you – very sweet. And you are VERY deserving, sweet gyrl. I love you!

  6. Well, you’ve done it again — made me want to reach inside my computer and give you a long, gentle hug. What a wonderful story you have related to your Plurk friends, Kat. That was something I did not know about you and I am so proud of you. Your daughter sounds so very sweet, just like her birth mama.

  7. I am sending you a hug…what a wonderful gift, the one you gave your daughter and her parents and the one she has given you in return!

    God is amazing in His blessings!!

  8. Like mother like daughter. Your blog touches my heart often and this one does as well. I have to start counting my blessings more often.

    P.S. How could you ever think you would be the most despised? That would never happen!

  9. This is a truly beautiful story Kat. You are doubly blessed, the daughter you released has grown into a lovely and eloquent young woman and the daughter you are raising is turning out as wonderful as her mom!


  10. Amazing. I often miss the times my little boy would climb in my lap. Now, at 6’1″ and 225 lbs, I think he’d squish me, but snuggle time is valued beyond words.

  11. Kat, I’m crying and wishing I could give you the biggest hug right now. So very happy for the blessings coming your way from your children, you most certainly are very deserving =)
    God bless you 🙂

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