Little things done well are worth doing

The patients that come to my unit are healthy and have elected surgery to replace their worn out knees and hips, or back surgeries that make patients in pain again realize life that is pain free or relatively so. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes to a hospital is going to get better and go home to his or her family and friends.

Yesterday, in the small details of the day as I was frustrated with myself for the feelings of “not knowing all instantly” a beautiful thing occurred.

Clear and sweetly, suddenly a chorus of voices broke out in song – the mixture of voices was hauntingly beautiful as they sang the hymn.

One by one, I watched my co-workers grow silent as we all listened to the beauty of the song, flowing with love from this family as they raised their voices in a not so perfect harmony.

It the midst of the frenetic pace of the day – this family reminded me of what is most important.

In life, it is the little things done well that are most worth doing.

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I challenge you today to go out and do the little things well, Gentle Reader – they are well worth doing!


14 thoughts on “Little things done well are worth doing

  1. Good one- it is great to listen to the small things but keep your eye on the big picture. I worry about people who have absolute faith in medical procedures and are just so shocked and angry when something is not right- as though they have been deprived of something they have an inalienable right to. It is good when people can be cheerful in the midst of uncertainty.

  2. Life has raised and nurtured me into being far too cynical for something as beautiful as that to incite anything good in me. At times, I kind of miss it, but most of the time, I have to admit, I kind of enjoy being curmudgeonly.

  3. What a beautiful, inspiring story.

    Thank you for sharing with us and showing us that the human condition is not without hope.


  4. I love this post, thank you. Some days, the little things are so overlooked or taken for granted, and really, they are things we often miss in times of lonliness.

  5. I am deathly afraid of roller coasters as well. Why anyone in their right mind (and that probably sums it up right there!!) wants to get into a tiny train car, be buckled in with some nylon straps and a flimsy metal bar and then be hurtled at breakneck speed around twists and turns is beyond me!!!

  6. Beautiful. I brought a friend in the hospital some clementines and, as an afterthought, picked up a silly card, too. Well she laughed so hard at the silly card I was glad I had decided to throw it in! It is the little things, isn’t it? A $2.99 card and a box of clementines is all it took to brighten my honorary grandma’s day.

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