A Working Contest…

I have survived my first days back at work, with restrictions, learning a new job.

It is a bit of a challenge though, sitting at a computer all day when all around me are patients needing care. Now, do not get me wrong – my co-workers are doing an admirable job in their care for them… I am not casting aspersions on them in the least, far from it!

What is the pain in my heart is that I am not caring for them.

This will be the challenge for me in the coming weeks and will give me an even better incentive to allow Olga the Barbarian to push me harder each time I see her!

I want to be back on the other side of the desk, spending the day – or night, as the case may, with the patients.

However, I do have a new appreciation for the job the Unit Secretary does – I mean think about this, this is the person who deciphers physicians illegible handwriting, stops what they are doing at the drop of a hat to do something necessary for a nurse. They answer call lights, telephones, updates and inputs orders… all while being highly accurate and not loosing their cool under all this pressure!

How quickly can I get back to patient care!!! This I find immeasurably easier and far more rewarding. However, it is good for me because I am using my arm in ways that are good for me without “pushing, pulling, or lifting”! It is also so good to be back with all my co-workers, I have missed them! In a few short weeks, I will be back on nights and then my life will be almost back to normal!

I am participating in a fun little Holiday Blog Contest along with some other friends from Plurk! Starting today and for the next 3 days, you can leave a comment here and at these, other blogs and we will enter your name into a drawing for our Holiday Give Away! Yes, we are giving you, Gentle Reader, something – we want to help cushion the cost of the Holiday for you and your family! You can enter on each blog once per day, beginning today, and ending on Wednesday. We will select a winner from all the entries on “Black Friday”! When we have randomly selected a name, if it is you, you will need to supply us with some pertinent information about you so we can “gift you accordingly”!

So, get out there and visit!

The links are here and, as you can see, in my sidebar under “Contest Blogs”!

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17 thoughts on “A Working Contest…

  1. I’m so happy you’re finally able to be back at work. At least you’re gaining appreciation for what goes on behind the desk. Not that I imagine you could ever be ill-willed toward anyone. It is nice to have that perspective from someone else’s shoes.

    I obviously have some blog reading to catch up on. I’m clueless about the contest. I think someone turned the fog machine on in my head.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. This is a great idea, Kat!

    Your passion for your work really shows through in your messages. You are a paragon of your profession.

  3. This is a very cool idea. What an organized group of bloggers!

    Glad to see you’re back at work and so happy to be there. Soon enough, with evil Olga at the helm, you’ll be doing the things you *really* love.

  4. I am glad you are getting back in the game, miss thang. Although, with you working nights … when will we ever talk? I do not think I like *that* part of the “healthy” you. 😦

    I **am** super happy you are well on your way to being back to normal. I know your coworkers must have missed you, and will be glad to have you back on the floor as you belong. Til then, i know you’ll be bringing sunshine to everyone you help as you heal behind the desk.


  5. So glad you are back at work. I know it’s not what you want to be doing right now but your arm will be healed in no time and you will be right back to being the loving caring caregiver you are meant to be.


    And you guys are doing a great thing with the contest

  6. When I got my finger crushed when I was working as construction materials QA, I had like one day off then was relegated to doing paperwork for like six weeks. In that time, I pretty much caught them up on two years of back filing and paperwork. It wasn’t that the secretaries/dispatch were inept, it was just that the company produced so much paperwork that no one person could possibly take care of it.

    It only made it worse that when someone else got injured or bored and tried to help with the filing, they usually screwed it up and thus created even more pain and hassle for her.

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