Just call me the Goddess of Moisture…

The Goddess of Moistness

The Goddess of Moistness

Just a little in the wee hours fun from my friend Perptacular and her constant encouragement of mischief and mayhem.  You all know I need little encouragement and Perp just fans the flame and combustion happens.  So I saw this fun little quiz on her blog and voila! I present to you all the goddess I am, did you all have any doubt???


Animal: Dove
Color: red

Aphrodite is the beautiful goddess of love and passion. She is one of the most influential of the Greek gods, constantly being prayed to or asked for help. She is also a troublemaker, getting involved in all sorts of love triangles. Aphrodite is the Goddess that all young girls pray to, to bring them the man of their dreams.

Aphrodite is admired and sought after for the freshness that she represents. She often dives into situations that seem appealing without thinking the results through, but can usually charm herself out of any sticky situations.

Aphrodite formed from the sea foam, emerging as an adult from the ocean.

I am telling you, I cannot make this stuff up!

So, who is your inner Goddess


9 thoughts on “Just call me the Goddess of Moisture…


    Animal: Deer
    Color: Silver

    Artemis is the huntress, the twin sister of Apollo, sun god. Artemis is often associated with the moon. She is beautiful, with wolf-like eyes.

    Artemis loves the wilderness and all wild animals. She is a protector of small children. She is the goddess of the hunt, of wilderness, of nature. She uses a silver bow and shoots silver arrows.

  2. Ditto what Pritch got. I’m a goddess named after the goofy inventor dude from “Wild, Wild West”
    GO ME!
    It explains why I can’t find a man. I’m always too busy protecting the flora and the fauna and the itty chil’ren.

  3. Well now you the Goddess of Aphrodite. I must say from reading this it fits you very well. I’m not to sure what Greek god i would be, but I guess I should find out. great post.

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