A Whole Lotta Nuthin’

Yes, Gentle Reader, that is what I have – a whole lotta nuthin’! Unfortunately, a whole lotta nuthin’ does not make for good blog fodder.

Therefore, I will just fill you in with volumes of randominity disguised as interesting and humorous anecdotes!

First off, I have been engaged in The Battle Royal with the Ex-From-Hell. Unfortunately, upon examination, I determined it to be “battle worthy” and I have picked up the gauntlet and have lobbed my first shots. No winner has yet been determined, but I am running through the briars and the brambles and not at all fighting fairly. Thank goodness, that history has showed me that this is the way to win more skirmishes!! It seems I have unwittingly taught my daughter this fighting tactic as well and she is attacking from another front. My hope is that insanity soon ensues for the Ex-From-Hell, and that he will cease and desist from his abhorrent behavior! Stay tuned for skirmish updates!

Next, I will cry in my beer a bit over having to part of a most adult decision regarding wanting things you cannot have. However, as a consolation prize I will go spend a weekend with The Divine Miss Beth and Her Majesty, Queen Abby. A weekend in Fiber Mecca is sure to be a moist affair, and that wanting I am not mature enough to avoid. While this is not a fair trade, in the scheme of things it is a nice prize for being most mature!

I have a friend who also writes a blog, and does a lovely job I might add, who challenged his readers to share something special and I have been mulling this over in my head for some hours today. This is not at all in my character to share things I have done in a most ordinary way. Yes, ordinary is exactly how I feel about things I do that others might perceive as “wow that was nice.” For me it all boils down to honesty, and if I am not honest when no one is looking, how can I expect anyone to believe I am honest when they are? Therefore, it seems simple to me, what you see is what you get. Gentle Reader, this is the me that I am when all are looking or no one is looking.

Finally, a word on the upcoming election and a shameless plug to remind you all to go vote next Tuesday, regardless of whom you will be voting for! I was driving around my hometown this week and I have to tell you all, gentle reader, the signs I saw in yards shocked me. Years past, I would have only seen signs of one flavor, the other sorely lacking. Not so, this past week, I saw a good number of signs from both party affiliations! I even heard on Michigan Radio this morning a reporter interviewing people from the Lake shore who said they were voting in a decidedly different way this election. Hope springs eternal in my heart, that change is going to happen and that I am going to see a person elected that is going to make history. It has certainly been a long road and one that I can safely say each of us are all sick! However, do not let the length of the journey diminish your excitement next Tuesday.

Have a lovely week.

11 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Nuthin’

  1. I love a good jumble of stuff, it creates a lovely glimpse into someones mind 🙂

    I agree, I am very ready for the election to be over… one week to go!

    btw, thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Inside this ‘whole lotta nuthin’ is a great message of personal integrity, doing the right and honest thing even when you are the only one who knows about it. If I leave nothing else in this world to my kids, that is the message I’ve tried hard to leave them with.

  3. My dear girl – that is not a whole lot of nuthin’. Sorry to hear the ex is misbehaving. I am lucky mine is not too bad I just do not want her to be my ex. Clearly she has a different idea.
    Must say Fiber Mecca sounds good but dangerous.
    Like you I really hope you lot get out and vote next Tuesday -it would be nice to see a record number who hit the polls. The decision will therefore be a true sample of the community and in doing so give a decision that will make it possible for your great nation to unite under the flag and patriotism that you all so truly display to the world.
    Nuthin’ huh – honesty yes -as always a great blog my love.

  4. This is a whole lotta something great! Fiber Mecca sounds like so much fun!

    I am going to go vote tomorrow! Woot!!!


  5. Hey Kat,

    Great Post!!

    The trouble with doing nuttin’ is ya’ never quite know when you’re finished!

  6. Sign me up in your army, Kat. The ex-from-hell should know that our Kat has a world of friends. There is nuttin nuttiny about you — as always I found your words to be warming, entertaining and honest.

    And whatever it is that you can’t have might well lead you in a direction where you will find pleasure, peace and harmony in your life.

    You just stay you, Kat. And enjoy your moist time with those crazy friends of yours.

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