The Colors of My World…

My creation by you.

Autumn has most certainly arrived here in West Michigan and it brings with it changing leaves, changing skies, and Home Coming!

Yes, I know.. maybe I need to get Heidi fitted with sackcloth and ashes.  I wish I had the foresight to have snapped a photo of the look on her dad’s face when he saw Heidi’s date get out of the car, priceless I am telling you!!  So, later that evening when she and Jordan were over laughing and carrying on and Holly Hop came up (Holly Hop is when the girls and the boys – aka Sadie Hawkins) and the girls say they are going to ask “gangster boys”.  Give me strength.  That is all I am saying!!

I lost the heat wars last week as well.  With the temperature inside registering in the 40’s I caved and turned on the heat!!  It was on and off just as quickly – we have warmed up this week nicely!  But, we have had several hard frosts overnight that have covered the ground with an icing of white!

For the enquiring mind, I did have surgery on Monday.  And, I am on the road to recovery.  It is a slow and somewhat rocky road.  A big bump occured yesterday when I had to remove my pain pump.  As long as I don’t move my arm, I am not in too much pain.  And the medication is most certainly befuddling my brain.  I did give it the college try and went sans pain meds until about 2PM today when I had to throw in the towel before I threw up!  Yeah, there is a lovely picture, eh?  Anyways, I am back to my medicated haze.

I have attempted a bit of knitting.. and can manage a row or two before utter exhaustion sets in.  Spinning is not even on the horizon yet.

I am off to seek out sleep in the middle of the day.  Color my world quiet!

6 thoughts on “The Colors of My World…

  1. Kat,
    The photos are beautiful, as are the children.

    Glad you are feeling well enough to write.

    Hope the pain subsides a little more everyday, so that you are back to your same ‘ol self soon.

  2. I hope you are feeling better quickly! The pictures are gorgeous. I’m still waiting for the “red” in our fall foilage in Ohio. It’s almost there…. 🙂

  3. Glad to know you’re recovering relatively nicely. I LOVE that lighthouse photo. Haven’t been to your side of the state for years. Isn’t the weather glorious? (for now…)

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