When days become nights

Good Morning Everyone!

I love the early hours of the morning. I walked this morning with the dogs and it was glorious outside. It got quite chilly here last night – there was a layer of moisture on the grass, drops of dew that sparkled like diamonds as the sun rose. What a great way to start the day! The birds were all busy as well, the chill a reminder to them that the season’s will soon be changing again!

Change is not a bad thing at all and in fact, change is coming again to my humble abode very soon. My days will become nights – at work. Yes, I am moving to the night shift at the end of September. It is a logical move for me to do in order to accommodate going back to school. I am excited to start on this new chapter in my life and, as a person who has only slept at night, I am hoping that my adjustment to sleeping during the day will not be one I cannot accomplish! The team from nights on our floor has been sharing with me their tips for day time sleeping success, so I am gathering a list of things to try! I need to get a dog bed of some sort, as Punk and Penny sleep in bed with me every night. But, I am thinking that they will not feel so displaced if they have something new to snuggle on during the nights I work. I am not certain how we will all sleep during the day, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I am happy to announce that renovation work has begun on my lower level and not a moment too soon. If I had to struggle through one more week of drama, I think I may have packed up and moved! I am hoping that it will all be finished soon – especially the drywalling segment. Can you say white dust everywhere?!? If dusting is what you dream of – have I got you covered! Come on over because I have white powder all over EVERYTHING! Yeah, I am looking down the tunnel and the end is visible – so I am trying not to go crazy here!

On the creative side of things, I have been doing some knitting and have been spinning as well. I almost have “Hey Teach” finished and I hope to wear it to the Michigan Fiber Fest. I am thrilled that there are some visitors coming from the east side of the state! The Divine Miss B will be bringing Jillian and Carla and I can hardly wait!! A new friend that I met on Plurk will be coming over as well, Karen is heading over to hang out with me. Karen is not a spinner currently, and since August is my 1st Spin-iversary what a better way to celebrate than to help her get started!! As for my own spinning, I have spun up some gorgeous BFL using all of Abby’s techniques and I have had success at long last! It is all fingering weight, it is squooshy, it is incredible! I also spun up some silk – oh my. Jillian, just so you know… yes moist much!

My son so kindly reminded me a couple of weeks ago that I better get started on some socks for him for Christmas! He is too funny, isn’t he? Anyways, I started on my list for Christmas knitting projects. There may be a new pair of feet or four that I will knit for this year and I am most excited to do so. Things are progressing nicely with the child I released for adoption. She has shared with her mother that we have been talking and her mother was so happy for her – as I knew she would be. Anyways, she has a crew of little feet for me to knit for and knit I will. I am overwhelmed at times with how amazing life can be. So, I had better get casting on for some socks post haste! As for my daughter (although it seems very odd to call her that) I am thinking a shawl that I have in progress will sit comfortably on her shoulders – hugging her each time she wears it. I have tried hard to rewire my brain to adjust to the name her parents gave her, she will always be something different in my heart, but her name comes more easily to my lips each day.  Life is so very good, my friends – so very, very good.

Well, I had better get moving on the day, have a good week one and all!  Go out and spread some joy in those around you in your journey this week!


5 thoughts on “When days become nights

  1. Uh-oh. something tells me to be very afraid. 🙂
    Afraid of this thing they keep calling spinning. I know they’re going to make me drink the kool-aid.
    At least the yarn stash will have the spinning stash to keep it company. :ggg:

  2. okay, I love this “I am thinking a shawl that I have in progress will sit comfortably on her shoulders – hugging her each time she wears it.”

    I also like your upbeat and positive outlook, a pleasure to read. Visual refreshment 🙂


  3. Dang, I’m coming to the fiber festival? I hope I have enough time to unpack my bags and do some laundry. This Alaska smell may not come out the first time through the washer.

    See you soon!

  4. Night shift has a magic all its own. Hang in there with the sleep transitioning. Glad you are spinning a bit too. You spin gals keep me wondering if I can join you someday? I know it will, but when?

  5. What a joyous post to read! I hope the new work schedule is easy-peasy to adjust to, and that you still get the same amount of crafting in – just at a different time! 🙂

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