When Saturday is Thursday

Hello Blog Friends!

Please don’t fall off your chairs, but yes, it seems that I can find the time to post more than once a month!! Will wonders never cease. What I do wish is that on my days off I would not have a gajillion bloglines to catch up on. Oy. I am woefully behind on all that is happening in your lives!! It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

I am still electrified from my visit to Spinner’s Mecca last weekend and I have been enjoying my “10 Minute Spinning” breaks each day.  I am telling you, that 10 minutes is better than any yoga for calming my mind and body.  I got some silk hankies and I have been spinning them on my supported spindle in bed.  Mmmm, a new-found treat – spinning in bed!

On my agenda for today is to get this house whipped into shape.  I am craving some orderliness in my life and this house is not helping.  I did some major de-junking last week so the finishing this weekend should be a bit easier!  It is amazing how freeing it is to get rid of stuff!  I am going to stay on that path today and liberate the kitchen from all of it’s unnecessary clutter.  You will hear me singing “Free at Last” later on today!

This is my “weekend” and I am thrilled it is here!  Tomorrow I go for student orientation at GRCC and I am equally excited about that.  I will find out how many of my 23 credits will transfer over.  Nursing school, here I come!  The journey is beginning!

I don’t know how many of you have discovered Plurking – but if you have, here is me on Plurk – come find me there!

Have a great day, whatever day of the week it is for you!

When it rains it pours…

…or, does anyone have the instructions for building an ark???

Yes, we got about 11inches of rain in 24 hours so along with much of the midwest I have a flood again in my “garden level”.  I am thinking it needs to become the “pool level” and soon.

This time the water really won big time!  Carpeting, much of the dry wall, cabinetry, woodwork, and some furniture were all casualties of the “Big Rain of 2008”.

I have a whole new frustration with the morons insurance agents.  My insurance company tells me that it is my  condo developments problem – and it will be unless the water was running in from the windows.  Condo insurance says that we (the condo asses association) are not paying for content damage, that is in the realm of the individual policy holder.  Yeah.  End result is not good for any of us home owners.

The one bright spot in all of this is that I am not located in a city that lies along the Mississippi – if you do happen to live in one of those flooded areas, you have my sympathies and more!  I do have space on the sofa in my living room if you should happen to need a place to lay your head!!

As you can see, I am really failing at the time management piece of my life in a big way!  Work and flood has been consuming my life!

Add to that trying to keep up with teen aged children and pets… oy!  I have put in my request for 48 hour days so that I can manage to find at least 8 hours in which to sleep!

On top of all of this – I have received 2 swap packages that I am most lax in posting about!  I will attempt to upload photos later today – that is if I can find the cord for my camera!!

First off was my most amazing package from my May Day Swap pal!  (Who also happened to be my Special Swap Pal!!)  In my package were the most gorgeous socks knit from Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn.  Oh. My. Goodness.  These socks make my feet want to sing (can you hear “Oh Sweet Mysteries of Life” in the background????) Yeah, they are that amazing!  Keri, I love them!  Add to that the great gifties that she included in the package – yowza!  As if the socks were not enough (and trust me, they are!!) She sent me a skein of Smooshy for my stash!  Some dark chocolates to pamper my sweet tooth, some Burts Bees Hand Creme, and the most wonderful “Sock Bag” that she made!  A phenomenal package!!  Thank you, Thank you!

Then, Keri sent me my Sweet Swap package – and again, she has spoiled me completely!  Tucked inside of a lovely sea grass basket were some incredibly sweet treats!  A group of lovely wash cloths, some Numi teas (I love Numi Tea!!) some more dark chocolate (much needed with all the chaos going on here – when in chaos, each chocolate!!),  a sweet smelling candle, some gorgeous amber colored honey to sweeten my tea, a   beautiful mug, and some gorgeous indie dyed sock yarn – Miss Babs in the “Yummy” colorway.  A very sweet and yummy package indeed!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Keri!

I am still in communication with my released child – things are moving along smoothly.  So, even with chaos in my house – there is peace and joy in my soul!

Yesterday, I took some time out to head over to see The Divine Miss Beth in Howell to celebrate Summer Solstice with a bit of a spinning break!  Jillian was there as well, so I was in the Zone of Fun!  There was plenty of spinning time – I even got to spin on her Jensen.  Wow.  There are not words to describe – but there may have been some singing.  Yeah.  Nice wheel.  Lots of fun people – lots!  Even Abby graced us with her presence!!  She gave an impromptu spindling lesson to Sandy – and watching the fiber dance from Abby’s fingers is pure magic!  Truly a nice break and a beautiful start to the summer!

And speaking of breaks, I think that I have had enough of one.  Time to get to work – housework!  Have a great Sunday all!

Hello, It’s me!

No, I am not dead or wounded nor have I left the planet.

I am just really trying to find balance with work and life. Unfortunately, the computer is loosing the battle.

As you all know, I was gainfully unemployed for almost 6 months – a long time to live on little. And, my savings seriously dwindled to nothingness. Thus, I have been working extra shifts any time I can to help build back up a “rainy day fund” – small as it is with gas prices these days.

The dogs are not coping well with 12 hour shifts, which really equate to 14 hour shifts for them. So, it is difficult for me to come home and jump on the computer to catch up with all of you when they are raring to go “do” something. I have just a couple of hours most days for “me” time and that me time needs to include laundry and a trifling of housework every now and then.

Please don’t all think that because I don’t answer your email or I am not blogging that there is nothing going on – it is just a time crunch and there are other things that have been winning on that front!

Add in to this mix teenagers and aging parents and as you can see my week is not long on “extra” time.

I have had many a blog post that have rambled around my brain, but alas, they have not made the “published” column and won’t probably. I can tell you this that knitting and spinning are still what helps me keep my sanity – and I get precious little time to do them either.

In the plus column – school is done for the year!! I am happy to report that we all made it through exams – even the mom unit! My daughter dislocated her shoulder quite severely this spring and thus she is still on limited activity and in physical therapy. This kept her from playing in orchestra – so her exam consisted of writing a massive paper. Oy. Lots of nights of writing and just as many editing and the outcome is still in the wings. Her teacher was going to let her know today how she did. Kind of scary when she plays so beautifully – this is her “easy A” class. Writing, not so much. So, we wait on pins and needles.

I have been working on returning to school myself and was shocked to find out that I have 18 credits that may transfer in their entirety and I am still waiting to hear about an additional 5 that may or may not transfer – but, holy cow – that was most certainly a shocker. I am driven to get a degree and be working smarter not harder. A degree will equate to the ability to live on less hours because I will be making more money!

See, I told you all that I have been busy!

As for knitting content – I am working away on some projects from More Big Girl Knits – I love this book. I really love Jillian and Amy for creating a book that has knits that fit those of us that have a bounty of body! Great patterns! So, each night I knit a bit and relax away the days tensions. I also have knit another EZ Baby Surprise Jacket for a gal at work. Again, with Koigu KPPM – I had enough left over to make Saartje’s Booties and a garter stitched hat. They should be out the door this weekend and in the hands of the expecting mom!

Now, for the news of a lifetime. I never in all my life expected what happened yesterday – ever. Twenty six years ago, I released a child for adoption. It was a time in my life that I was not prepared for parenthood in any way, shape, or form. So, I released a beautiful baby to the family that had been waiting years and years for a baby. I left the files open, but I never, ever expected to hear from that child. It was not that I did not want to talk – it was rather that I knew that this child would be loved tremendously and there would be no “void” for me. To say that I have often thought of this child would be a gross understatement. I thought often and prayed mightily for that child. So imagine my shock and amazement when I listened to a message from an officer at the Oakland County Courthouse yesterday. Imagine more of my amazement when I called back to leave a message at 8:30PM last night to have the phone answered! So, after some pretty amazing conversation – it seems that this child faxed in a request for information on the 2nd of June – and on the 4th of June I was contacted! The Oakland employee told me she was going to make a phone call and she’d call me back. An hour later she did! It seems my long ago released child does in fact want to get in touch with me. The Court employee told me that I would be receiving a letter. I hung up in shock and amazement. I had barely put the phone down and it rang again. It seems that this child is as impulsive as me – no letter writing there – a direct connection. We talked, and laughed, and cried, and talked, and talked, and talked for over an hour.

As you can probably imagine – I got little sleep last night. I spent most of the night giving thanks to God for this most precious gift. I have spent most of the day giving thanks as well!

And, this child called again today! Wonder of all wonders. And, hearing that child say to me – “Hello, It’s me.” made my heart sing with joy.

I will let you all know when I come down from Cloud Nine – although I don’t expect it to be too soon!

I will try and keep you all posted on a more regular basis. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Have a blessed evening everyone!

Oh… and I do have an extremely delinquent post about some gorgeous May Day Socks that I received from an amazing May Day Sock Pal!!