This is not a lazy Monday!

I don’t have to go to work today, but that does not eliminate work from the agenda today.  I have work to do and lots of it!

I am heading off to the post office to send some packages out.  I am finishing up the never-ending laundry.  And, I am casting on sock #2 for my May Day Sock Swap Pal!  Yes, I am behind the 8-ball a bit.  Sock #1 is done, and done nicely!  Sock #2 will soon follow!  I will not be crying “May Day” but sending off a nice May Day Surprise package instead!

Having rejoined the ranks of the employed, managing a house has become a challenge!  I am seriously in need of some downsizing in housework!  Right now, I have floors that need to be mopped, sheets that need to be changed (which will make more laundry, gah!), bathrooms that need something more than a “quick wipe”, and I need to put a serious grocery list together!  I seriously need to find a “Housekeeping Genie”!  Especially since I have no magical powers – I cannot wiggle my nose like Samantha did on Bewitched – sending things moving through air to their correct place, nor can I blink like Barbara Eden did in I Dream Of Genie instantly making things right and in their place!  So, I am looking for a “genie replacement”!  It will give me time to knit, spin, and unwind after work!  It will also make my days off a bit more manageable.  So, my goal for the week will be to find someone who can do a few things here for a reasonable sum of money!

So, I am off to get a sock cast on and get to the post office!  Have a good day all!


10 thoughts on “This is not a lazy Monday!

  1. May Day, May Day!!!

    Happy May Day to you – just wanted to check in and let you know I mailed your socks via priority mail so they should be there shortly.

    Enjoy all your goodies!
    =) ~May Day Sock Swap Pal

  2. I found a housekeeping genie at Her program works for anyone and everyone and there is no cost (you do the work). As a working adult (I’m a school bus driver with crazy hours) taking care of a housebound aging mother, I can tell you it works as long as you try to follow her suggestions and adapt them for your life style.

  3. Yeah, I need one of those too! There just isn’t enough time in the day to do the fun stuff and the chores. Sometimes I wish I didn’t need so much sleep, but that is definitely a necessity for me!

  4. Hey Kat! Could you get that house genie you found to post on the blog too??
    Seriously, I miss seeing what’s up.
    I know you are busy, busy at work-a good thing, right?
    But how’s it going????

  5. I have 3 house genies, but none of them work all that great (husband and 2 sons). 🙂 I believe I need one that sympathizes with the need to knit in a clean environment – for the sake of the fiber!

  6. Hey Pal – just wanted to check in and see how things are going and see if you are enjoying your socks. It’s almost the end of month for the special swap too so I’m putting the finishing touches on your next package and getting ready to mail them out. Any feedback on the other stuff would be great so I make sure I send you what you like and nothing you don’t. Happy Tuesday!

  7. Congratulations on your new job! I hope that you can figure out the housework vs. knitting balance so you can share your tips with the ret of us! I’m going to check FlyLady too.

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