…while visions of fiber danced in my head.

Gentle readers, it was The Most Amazing And Spectacular SaturdayThe Most Amazing!

At dawn I was awake (after barely sleeping all night) to head out to meet Lisa.  We were off watching the sunrise as we raced over to Howell Michigan.

What, you ask, is in Howell that we had to leave so early?

Two things.

The Divine Miss B and Abby.

Okay, maybe I should say Abby and The Divine Miss B.

Lisa and I signed up for a spinning class – specifically Spinning for Socks.  Holy Cow.  Total brain overload.

I learned things that I never imagined I would ever learn – ever… and some of them were actually from Abby!

So, when there is the clear light of day I will show you pictures of the amazing things I learned today.

Okay, maybe not all of them – but how about the things that Abby taught us!

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting Beth’s Shop – you need to run, not walk, but RUN to see her.  She is fun, a great spinner, and she has more fiber than you can shake a stick at (even a spindle at!!).  If you have visited and you have not availed yourself to some of the classes she has, get yourself signed up!  Seriously.  She has amazing classes.

So – I am now heading off to bed to digest what I learned today and I will be dreaming of the fibers at her shop.

… on Cormo and Shetland, on Masham and Merino, on Dorset and Polwarth…

Sweet Dreams all!


5 thoughts on “…while visions of fiber danced in my head.

  1. No fair! My day was full of packing, all my yarn, books, craft stuff. Cleaning, moving furniture, and too much non-fun stuff. Haven’t knit a stitch for 5 days!!!

    Hey, you can watch my stash, as long as you can make it to Southern Indiana every day!!! But I doubt I can pay as well as that new job.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

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