Random Hilarity

Hello everyone!  Hope your week is rolling along smoothly.

Yesterday I  accompanied Sandy to Ann Arbor – her husband is not feeling great and he was admitted to the hospital for some tests.  Check in was something else.  There was this hysterical, and I mean hysterical, woman working in admitting.  Her name was Mary Beth… she was a woman who would put most stand up comedians to shame.  We were all laughing and having a fabulous time with her wit.  I asked her at one point if she was a knitter.  Her reply caused us all to burst into laughter!  “Knit?” she says to me, “I can’t do that at all.  I cannot get things off the needles,” she quips with a straight face, “I just have to keep buying more needles.”  Oy – what a woman.

This week was also Spinning night at FOW – and it was busy!  One of the lovely ladies that I have met there has just started a new blog.  Her name is Jenna and you need to stop over to Jenna’s blog and tell her I asked you to do so.  She is a new spinner as well and she spins beautifully!  One creative and crafty lady!

March Madness has commenced so it is all basketball, all the time for the next few weeks.  Can you hardly stand it???

This morning I had an interesting conversation with The Divine Miss Beth!  I thought I would get the shop voice mail and leave her a message with some questions about a lesson or two with her to help me hone my spinning skills a bit.  But, imagine my shock when she answers the phone and announces to me that she is naked!  I warned her that I was a blogger and she was giving me free fodder for publication…

Anyways, stop over and give Beth a holler and tell her to put some pants on!   Or at least put some on before Abby gets there next weekend!!!  Anyways, I let her know that I was going to work on trading up my Ashford and I was going to be in the market for a traveling wheel.  And, if anyone knows spinning wheels it is Beth!  She filled my brain with some things to think about.  If any of you are interested in an Ashford Traveler with 4 extra bobbins get a hold of me and we can talk price and shipping arrangements.  I will be putting something on Ravelry as well.

Have a great evening everyone.


5 thoughts on “Random Hilarity

  1. Personally I think you and Sandy could have fun at a root canal, but hey. I wonder if Chris would be interested in your wheel. You should mention it at the next spinning meeting. Then it could stay right at home in West Michigan!

  2. Interested to hear how spinning-while-watching playoffs goes. Would the tension work for you or against you? How about jumping up to scream at refs? Is that good for your yarn?

  3. See not a blip about naked girls. Nobody even noticed.
    And to Laura – i don;t think you’re too klutzy for a spindle you just need a patient teacher:-) But you can go right to a wheel if you prefer. I say don’t give up on the spindle!

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