Lovely Rita

Color Queen!  (Okay, so I took a little license with the Beatles song… )

I had a whirlwind weekend – literally.  I drove to Glen Arbor to get Sam on Friday – 6 hours round trip.  However, I stopped a couple of places along the way.  Just a little fiber distraction!

Saturday dawned bright and early – I had a Dyeing Class at City Knitting with Lovely Rita, The Color Queen.  Wow.  What I learned was truly amazing.  Rita is an excellent teacher and my classmates were amazingly creative.  Do you find that when you are surrounded with creative people, you are more creative?  Well, that certainly was the case on Saturday.

Rita’s wealth of knowledge in Dyeing is amazing – and I have a feeling we just scratched the surface of her wisdom on Saturday.

These are the beauties that I created on Saturday.  They are still a bit damp, but the colors are just glorious!

I started with some lovely Alpaca with a Twist Fino – and ended up with 875 yds of this luscious creation.

This is some Henry’s Attic Licorice Twist – a merino with a strand of super wash.  I am not certain how much yardage there is, but trust me, it is lots!  See how the super wash grabbed more of the color… cool, huh?

Now this is 2 hanks of Peruvian Tweed Superfine Alpaca – 1200 yds of it!  Intense, vibrant colors!

And, finally I dyed 4 oz. of Merino/Bamboo roving.  See the kind of white sliver running through?  That is the bamboo.

I was so happy with my creations!  I am itching to try some more overdyeing here at home soon!

Then Sunday I ended up having to drive Sam back to school – another 6 hour round trip.  Oh, boy – it feels like I lived in the car this weekend.

On the job front – I have found out my schedule at the hospital and I am going to have to drop the local spinning and knitting nights…. I will have to work on Tuesday and Thursday’s and I won’t get back into Holland until after 7:30PM.  That is kind of sad, but I am so thankful for a job that I am not complaining.  I also will have to give up choir – as I won’t get there in time either.  Small sacrifices in the scheme of things.

On a brighter note, there is a group starting on Monday nights – which will work for me.  New beginnings all around!

I need to get moving here, have a great Monday all!


9 thoughts on “Lovely Rita

  1. Those are just beautiful! You really did a great job on those. I, too, am anticipating schedule changes when I go back to work – it’s a bitter/sweet feeling being bummed but grateful!

  2. They are all gorgeous! I must say, the Licorice Twist is my favorite – maybe because it is so cheerful & it is terribly gloomy here today. How fun!

  3. Wasn’t that loads of fun?! I wanted to see what everyone else was making and had a hard time focusing on my own! Oh no, no more Tuesdays at FOW 😦 I’ll miss you my spinning mentor! I’m happy for you though! We will have to find another time to spin together, I just have so much fun with you!

  4. Oh no! I will miss you at spinning! I am happy you have a job though. The class was a blast wasn’t it? Mine is still drying. I hope to start spinning some of the fiber soon though. Maybe I will have to come to Monday spinning night sometime, just so I get to see you.

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