Totally Tubular, Dude!

In my on going effort to learn new things – I am happy to report that I figured out the Tubular Cast-on Friday.  There is a most excellent UTube video for help from the amazing Ysolda

With her lilting voice she brings you along with her as she deftly shows you how to do this incredible cast on.  As she knits with you, she makes it so much easier than stumbling along on your own.

So, I am well into my cables as I am knitting Gretel.  I am certain that I will most definitely get some use out of this hat yet this season – because while it is warm out now – winter is sure to give us a few final blasts before spring ushers him out for good.

And, yesterday I had the most wonderful day – I spent it in Lansing on a Knitting Trip to Selbu with the amazing Terri Shea and her Selbuvotter Mittens.  She is a most amazing educator and her knowledge of the history of Selbu knitting makes it so fascinating.  I have one mitten completed and I am hoping to get the second cast on tomorrow.   It is a quick and fun knit.

One last tale from my Wild and Crazy Adventure to Petosky – we did some shopping in the local consignment shops.  Ummm, can you say good deals?  Yes, I managed to find a few.  And, we filled to large garbage bags with woolen sweaters – stay tuned for some creative genius.  Yes, we will be stitching and a felting!  Wait until you see….

Have a great Monday everyone!



5 thoughts on “Totally Tubular, Dude!

  1. I did not listen to the video, and didn’t see this mentioned, but Tubular is not recommended for gauges smaller than 4.5-5 sts. It just won’t look as nice if done in bulky weights. I even find that Worsted Weight doesn’t look as pretty as the smaller gauges do. I love it for ribbings!!

  2. What – no pictures from Lansing? When you sent me the email that you were going, I thought I’d be able to live vicariously through you – I was so jealous.

    Can’t wait to see the mitts . . . and maybe I’ll be inspired to learn the tubular cast on, because I’ve been, um, skipping it . . .


  3. Thank you thank you thank you for putting a link to Gretel…who in turn pointed me to the instructions for cable knitting without a cable needle. I have a sweater that cables 10 times a row every row (exaggerating a little) and it became a chore to work on it. I’m off right now to go practice! The video on the tubular cost on was very helpful as well – thanks!

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