Boy – two days in a row and both of them musical!  From ABBA to Bowie (or at least I think that is right!)… that about explains my life in the last 2 days.

Yeah… well, let me catch you all up on what’s up.

Okay – interviewed at the nursing/senior living home – I don’t think they are called “nursing homes” any longer, but the residents need a great amount of assistance with daily living activities.  They have offered me a job….

How awesome is that!!!

Well, here is the catch…  they view this job as a calling.  A calling that only gets 18-20 hours per week, with no benefits, at a wage that is embarrassing…  Seriously embarrassing…  Below poverty level embarrassing…

The question is, can it be a “calling” if you live in a card board box????

Yeah, exactly what I thought.

Okay… next!

I had a meeting tonight.  A meeting where I was asked to help with direction, ideas, new things to do.

So, we (the woman on this committee with me) met and had great discussions.  We emailed the person in charge with our volume of ideas (which she never answered).  And, I came to the meeting with our thoughts on direction, ideas, and new things to do….

That was all good until they told me this…

No changes!

Say what?????

And, to top that all off – no photos today.

Here is hoping that tomorrow is better.

Until then…

Can I have a table for one please…..


5 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha-changes…

  1. Let me guess…was it a church committee? 🙂 I struggle with that at my church. We’ll have a great meeting with lots of new ideas then someone comes along and decides we can’t implement the changes. It’s very frustrating.

  2. Hmm, the job that’s a calling doesn’t seem much of one for someone that might need to pay the bills. Too bad about the committee person who refuses to acknowledge any new changes. Sometimes people aren’t ready for change, but then they wonder why the agenda they’re pushing isn’t gaining more ground. One day they’ll get it.

  3. Why is it that pay is abysmal for some of our most important professions — teaching, nursing, etc? Taking care of our elders is a huge responsibility, as well as a labor of love, and you should be paid adequately. When my grandfather was in various nursing homes, it was clear which ones had the better staff for that reason.

    I hope you find something just right for you soon!

  4. Yeah, my job (public defender) has been referred to as a calling – as in calling all bill collectors! Definitely a call to poverty.

    Good luck with the search!


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