Life takes a leap of faith

Hello Gentle Readers!

Hope you have all had a wonderful week and that your weekend will go slowly!

I had a great day today, a truly great day.  My last day of clinicals was wonderful.  Just simply wonderful.  I filled out an application.  And, turned it in.  Life sometimes asks you to take a leap of faith.

So, after doing that.

I got an email from another opportunity.  Life sometimes asks you to take a leap of faith.

Maybe two jobs will be the answer.

When the door shut on my career I don’t think I realized that I would need to walk a distance before finding that open window.  I had better start paying attention, I think that window is getting closer and I don’t need to miss it!

Tonight I went to the most  incredible Knit Night – Sandy invited me to go with her and I am so glad I said yes.  There was fresh smoked salmon, an assortment of cheeses, home made lasagna, a divine salad, WINE, and desserts.  Oh, and a shop filled with yummy yarn.  It was a rough night, but I had to do it!  So, I sat and ate a bit, knit a bit, ate a bit more, sipped some wine, laughed a lot, knit some more, found a few treasures, and made some new friends.  A most appropriate ending to an incredible week.  And, the icing on the cake – Sandy got a call from her son – her first grandson was born tonight!  She is on cloud nine and she will be heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow to see this new child!

And, the best thing of all – no nap today, gentle readers!  And, I am still awake at midnight – and I have not turned into a pumpkin!  That is really something!


8 thoughts on “Life takes a leap of faith

  1. Hey There – this is your may day sock pal just checking in and wanting to say hi! I just ordered yarn for your socks and I’m debating on a pretty pattern for it! =)

    Have a great night!

  2. Oh where, oh where has our little Kat gone. Oh where, oh where can she be. With her knitting cut short and days now long, oh where, oh where can she be.

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