Damn, This Traffic Jam….

I really need James Taylor in my car singing to me this morning while I was driving to school on the road with 10,000 idiots.

Here is a question for all of you… how come the idiots all get on the road at 7AM?

And, why doesn’t anyone know how to drive?????

So, my trek to school today – one hour and forty-five minutes… one way.

People, it is 37 miles one way from my house to school…

So, you can obviously see that I was driving less than one mile per hour!

Yeah… so, in the words of the amazing James Taylor… Damn, this traffic jam…

Times 10.

Week one of school was okay… my grade is an A… but I have a huge final test on Monday (due to a snow day on Wednesday everything is pushed back a day… )

Then labs…

Then clinicals…

Here is hoping none of my gentle readers reside in the senior care facility that I have to go be “clinical” in…

Yeah… there is some food for thought!

Have a good evening all….


3 thoughts on “Damn, This Traffic Jam….

  1. Congrats on making the first week with an “A”!!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Check my blog! I am learning!! No hints, so you will look-see, lol.

  2. I swear more than 1/2 of the people in Michigan can’t drive. Grrr!!! I hear you girl! My hubby calls me a multiple personality when I drive. I am normally so mild mannered, but when I encounter the idiots, I just get sooooo pissed lol! Wishing you better commutes in the future.

    See ya Tues woot!

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