It’s a roller coaster world….

The weather has warmed up considerably.  The snow is almost all melted. 

So, the 2 feet or so that we had is but a few crusty inches.  And, I have a river running through my back yard which is quite lovely, not!

Currently it is 46 degrees outside (that is Farenheit for all you International readers!)….

But, never fear – before midnight it will be a whopping ZERO outside with a wind chill factor that is supposed to be well into the negative numbers.

And, there will be snow – truck loads of it.

Insanity, thy name is Weather!

I cannot believe how exhausted I am at the end of the day. 

Brain Dead.

Thought Free.

And, I still have one more chapter to read for school tomorrow – and then there is the studying for the big test on Friday.

I am off to finish up, gentle readers.

Have a peaceful evening!


4 thoughts on “It’s a roller coaster world….

  1. Be extra careful in the yucky tomorrow morning.
    I took the tests today……..results on Thursday. Tell no one I said this, but cheezzz what a waste of time! What cushy jobs those intake workers have, of course I know it is not so, but it seems that way from this side of the fence.

  2. Hi Kat! It was so nice to meet you Saturday, and thanks for the lovely nomination. I’ve been kind of swamped this week, so haven’t had a chance to get back to you, or update the blog, until now.

    I am currently almost enjoying a snow day home, while trying not to think of all the shit waiting for me at work, leftovers from a crisis day and last week’s snow day. I know, cry me a river.

    My cat was outdoors when the “Flash Freeze” hit last night. The meteorologists were so dramatic with this term, I half expected to find a fur statue on the front lawn at 10:30. But she was fine. Mad, but fine. She likes her outdoors.

    Be safe!

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