It could become a Habit….

… a Franklin Habit

Yes, that is correct – The Panopticon was at Mecca today doing a photo shoot for his 1000 Knitters Project.  And was it busy!! 

I pulled in the parking lot shortly after noon and it was packed. 

There had to be 500 knitters vehicles in the lot.

So, I parked and made my way inside Mecca got my number and began the wait to knit on the scarf and spend a few minutes with Franklin. 

It was so enjoyable – Franklin is brilliant.  And, it was his birthday.  Even better!

I spent the afternoon knitting with friends.  Of course Rob and Matt were there.  And, when I was walking around I stumbled into Christy and she led me to Marcia and Sharon and Dirty Sue.  With much laughter and general merriment I waited for my number to be called.  Before long Ewe-niss and 2 of her lovely daughters showed up.  It was an amazing afternoon and before it was over Laurie rounded out the fun! 

I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon – or with a better group of people!

I even managed to knit a row or two!  And, I watched the most amazing, fastest, ENGLISH knitter in all of North America.  I think we should have a little Knitting Throw Down… I am telling you.  This knitter would whoop the Yarn Harlot (sorry Stephanie) needles down!  I am hoping one of you Lansing Knitters will share with me the name of this most agile of knitters!  And, in advance, I apologize to this Mystery Knitter for not paying attention when her name was said.

I am headed off to soak in the bathtub and then I am crawling in bed. 

Too much excitement for this girl today!!


7 thoughts on “It could become a Habit….

  1. O.K so the Mecca thing and the better group of people thing…I’m hurt:-(

    Alright just kidding. I know you like me better and just can’t say it out loud yet because of your girl crush.(hee, hee)

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