If you like snow….

head to West Michigan!

Without sun it is truly a grey and white world… and yes that is about 2 feet of snow on top of the “hibernating” hot tub….

Add some sunshine, it is not much more colorful.  My grill is burried under that snow mound.

It snowed like mad most of yesterday afternoon and it looks like it continued for a good sum of the night. 

No school for the kids today – funny how teenagers get all giddy like they did in grade school with a day off of school. 

A good day to stay indoors and knit!


9 thoughts on “If you like snow….

  1. ohmigawd, look at all that snow!! I would freeze to death. I’ve never been anywhere near that much snow. So, does it ever snow while they are at school so they have to stay there? 🙂 Just wondering.

  2. Very pretty! We have just a few inches here in the middle of the state. If it is going to be this cold, I would love the snow to go with it! I do love a good pile of fresh snow.

    A few years ago the Soo had 12 feet of new snow. I wanted to drive up there just to see what 12′ looked like. 🙂 Though your 2′ are pretty impressive.

  3. I think too, that high schoolers are a hoot with a snow day. THEY LOVE the sleeping in part! I love when they get them too. They are so stressed these days. Happy snow day!

  4. We only have about a quarter of that — maybe not even that much. It’s pretty, though, except for the roads, which are very slushy and yucky.

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