Never measure anything in bed….

Oh boy – so, I am just a knitting fool. 

And, as I was a such knitting fool last night, I measured – in bed people, yes – in bed. 


It seems that everything looks bigger in bed!  No pun intended – truly.  I measured and it was 9 inches – but in the cold light of the morning and measuring on a flat surface – it was a mere 7 inches. 

Yeah… my thoughts exactly.

I will spare you all the foul language that was floating around here this morning as I was frogging back to knit those 2 more inches. 

But, I am back on track now.  I have just the left front to finish – then I can do the shoulder bands. 

I am climbing in bed to knit and watch some of the idiot box…  and I will not be measuring anything!! 


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