I was never a wife of Henry VIII

But, I do have a Tudora obsession!

A knitting lesson for you all … when you cannot sleep Tudora is the answer!

Insomnia + Elizabethan Brilliance (add in some Aurora 8 Italian Merino from Karabella yarns for good measure) and the outcome will be one that is most pleasing!  I love the color, it is so soft and snugly around my neck, and I am casting on another one tonight.  Sleep will hopefully not be as elusive as it was last night!  I love this – althougth for the next one I am using some Donegal Tweed that I have in my stash. 

It was Knit Nite – stubborn as I am – I brought my wheel.  NaSpiMoMo is half over and I am finding my spinning skills are improving with my daily ritual!  I have almost a full bobbin of some lovely blue/green/purple wool spun up! 

I purchased the button and modeled Tudora for the group and Blogless Sue was less than impressed.  She wanted it to be symmetrical – the asymmetrical beauty of it was lost on her.  She tried all evening to “fix it” and complained about my penchance for lopsidedness.  I shared with her how truly lopsided my life was and that this somehow was the perfect balance for it!  We all laughed and lopsided comments kept the laughter going. 

The laughter was a good fit for my week, a much needed commodity. 

Taking a page from Chris, it is truly a blessing to get together with women during the week.  Their warmth, love, and laughter are a balm for my soul. 

Have a peaceful evening everyone!


3 thoughts on “I was never a wife of Henry VIII

  1. Oh! I made a Tudora during my Christmas marathon. I made my sister-in-law the hairdresser (won’t wear a hat;messes up the hair)a Calorimetry out of Malabrigo in a lovely shade of Chinese Red and had enough left over to make the neckwarmer too. Quick enjoyable knit and soft?

    I might have to make one for myself…


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