The great debate…

Hello Everyone! 

I started a “live” knit along this morning.  A LYS in our area is having a “block a month” knit along for the Manos Four Season Afgan.  I joined in the hope that the group motivation will keep me inspired to knit the afgan, which I will have finished in December of this year!  One square a month seems entirely doable to me and not at all a daunting task. 

It was so much fun to see the color selections my fellow knitters selected.

I am doing this with Blogless Mary, Ann, and Ann’s friend Alice. 

And, this morning – the topic came up about knitting styles and speed…

Yes, the great debate.

Continental or English, which is faster.

I came down on the side that neither one is faster than the other – but I believed that The Harlot could beat, hands down, anyone knitting either style.  But, The Harlot aside – I think that all of us – whether we knit continental or english style – knit a relatively the same speed. 

So, I am opening this up for your comments – what do you think.  Is one style of knitting faster than the other?  And, if you think it is – what is your proof for your theory…

I am waiting to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “The great debate…

  1. I think that, overall, continental is probably faster than throwing. BUT, the fastest knitter I know (and I know a lot of knitters) is my friend Teresa, who throws. And, she knits without looking.

  2. For me, continental. I learned “english” but taught myself continental and just started flying through projects. I notice it more when I work a stranded project and hold one strand in my left hand and one in my right hand. The left hand knits faster then the right. That being said, I can’t speak for anyone but me 🙂

  3. Hey, Kat! 🙂

    I always wonder why there is even a debate about what is faster. Really. I knit for the enjoyment, for the adventure of trying something new, and for the surprise (of despite my best efforts just how it will turn out). Don’t get me wrong, there are times I am anxious to see how it turns out or maybe I am just ready for a specific project to be done. Usually speed just isn’t in my thought process.

    That being said, I have seen some wicked fast knitting English style. But in just the grace of it, continental has far less movements involved.

    No more debates, show me your lovely knitted items! 🙂

  4. I’m all about the process, so, to me, it doesn’t really matter. I can knit both ways, but I throw most often, because that is how I learned and therefore more comfortable.

  5. For me, English is by far faster. And I knit English faster than most of my friends who knit Continental, except Needlefingers.

    Having said that, I always argue the speed of any style can only be determined by the knitter using it. There is no way to really measure the “fastness” of a technique. And the “get more done if you knit continental” claim is such a crock. It’s the natural speed of the knitter that sets the pace, and the amount of time they can use for knitting, that determines how much gets done. And as Eweniss says, who cares? Why people have to debate it is beyond me. Just like Addi’s or Bamboo or Metal or whatever else they make needles with. None of them are better, they are just preferred for different reasons. But Acrylic vs Wool? Only Wool will do!

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