Rain, rain go away…

Hello Everyone!  It is just pouring outside – and I mean pouring.  There is a river flowing through my backyard.  I’d take a picture, but it is raining too hard!! 

We had thunderstorms roll through last night and had some tornado warnings north of us.  Yes, it is January in Michigan.  We lost our power at about 3AM and did not regain power until about 6:30AM.  Strange weather I am telling you.

I spent last night watching The Game and I was spinning away to watch the LSU Tigers emerge victorious over OSU.  Nothing strange about that!  And, it made this U of M fan exceedingly happy!  This closes the door on college football until the fall – a bittersweet thing.  I enjoy college football a tremendous amount!  However – fortunately college basketball is heating up and March Madness is on the the horizon. 

I notice that several blogs are posting about the political antics of the Caucus and the Primaries that are going on.  Michigan jumps into the fray next week Tuesday with our primary.  I am looking for the knitter amongst the candidates, and I see nary a one.  I really want to know what are their thoughts on fiber and all things fiber related.  I personally think that if there was more knitting time in the White House and Congress – life would be much more genteel.  I mean, think of this gentle readers – if the President worked on a nationwide knit along, how much more focused would they all be?!  He could even think globally and take a page from International swaps that would bring people together in a wonderfully creative way.  After all, it would be kind of hard to fight with someone you are knitting something for.  I’d like to invite any of the candidates to come spend some time in any knitting group – I know they would all be welcoming.  Heavens, if they don’t know how to knit – don’t worry, someone will gladly share their love of the craft.  They’d be knitting in no time.  So, if you are truly a candidate interested in my vote – leave me a comment and I will get you directions to my Thursday night Knit Group.  I will save you a seat!! 

Have a good day all!


3 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away…

  1. Here, here! I would be happy to lend my teaching skills should any candidate take you up on the offer.

    Pouring here too. At least the rest of the week looks dry, just cold!

  2. So who do you think will show up Thursday??
    Guess I had better throw an extra chair in the trunk, for me?
    Sorry about your power, but hey it was warm outside, nothing like those teen temps a few weeks ago, right?

  3. I could go for a few hours of rain to wash away the snow. It’s getting dirty and disgusting, not to mention slick, etc. But we’re picking up a bit more snow as the day lingers on. I think a knit-along for political candidates would be wonderful. What better way to test their tolerance for frustration and their determination to keep at it ’til it’s right?

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