Santa, Santa everywhere!

And, you wonder how he “sees you when you’re sleeping”…. In our house, Santa is truly everywhere! 

I thought that I would share with you all today some of my favorite Santa’s… I have been collecting them for years.  And, I truly adore them.  If there was a way to keep them out all year, I probably would! 

Here is “Gardening Santa”  – my kids gave me this for Christmas about 10 years ago.  Isn’t he divine?  He is sitting on an adorable wooden bench.    I love his woolen pants and his denim apron.  After all, Santa only works one night out of the year – I figure he must have some amazing gardens!! 

Next, here is “Nordic Santa”  I got him LONG before I began to knit.  And – Ihave to tell you, I love him even more since I have been knitting!  The mittens and the “skates” are divine!

In front of Nordic Santa is one of the very first Santa’s I ever got.  My ex-MIL gave him to me for one of my first Christmases with them.  I have had him over 25 years.  He normally has a place of honor on the “Santa Tree” – and since that tree is not happening this year, thanks to Thing One and Thing Two Noel and Maddy, I got him out and put him on the top shelf!  I love that he has a shephard’s staff – it seems so fitting for the season.

My absolute best find ever though is a picture I found about 20 years ago in an antique shop.  It is from the 40’s, I think, and it is HUGE.  Getting a photo of it to share with you all was a bit of a challenge!  It is about 5 x 4.  I am telling you all -HUGE!   There are 10 “Santa Elves” surrounding the “head Santa”.  It is my absolute favorite piece.  This is hanging in my bedroom – it fits beautifully over a dresser I have. 

See, “head Santa” has the letters tacked to the tree, he is talking on the phone, and, I am sure, he is getting the scoop on whether or not you have been naughty or nice!

Here is “Ticker Tape Santa Elf” marking off the information coming in… and “head Santa” has good a handle on this too.  See, Santa does not miss much!

Bags of toys are being hauled in – don’t you love the “snowmobile”?  Oh… and in case you were wondering… yes there is a “Sheriff Santa”.   Who do you think orders the coal shipments???? 

There is no artists signature on this piece.  Someone who loved Christmas as much as I do used their creative genius to create this treasure that now graces my humble home.   I have done nothing to this piece – it still has the same rough frame that was nailed on it when I got it. 

What are your favorite things about Christmas…

Last night, my daughter’s Christmas concert did a mother proud!  The evening ended with my daughter’s Symphony Orchestra (this is the zero hour class she takes – the one that she has to get to school at 6:30AM each day for…. Yeah, this is dedication….) played Sarajevo – ala Trans Siberian Orchestra… Holy cow, gentle reader… I cried.  They were soooooo good!  The audience sprang to their feet at the end, giving a rousing standing ovation.  The evening closed with the choir singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus with the Symphony accompanying them. 


It was a spectacular ending to an amazing concert.

Here is to the abundant blessings that family brings and to finding joy in each day as we wend along towards Christmas. 

 I am off to get some Christmas knitting done.  Have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Santa, Santa everywhere!

  1. Your Santas are so fun! I have angels all over my house. Angels and lights (especially the little fairy lights) are my favorite Christmas decorations.
    Kid’s concerts always make me cry. They make you so proud of their accomplishments!!

  2. I guess the Up on The Housetop Rap just wouldn’t have compared. That was what I was treated to last night at Younger’s Christmas program! Also, They Test You Merry Gentlemen, and others.

  3. Oh I love all of your Santas! It would be so much fun to see all of them.

    The concert sounds lovely, and whenever someone I know is involved, I usually always cry.

    Thanks for the Christmas-y post!

  4. The concert sounds wonderful! I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s music. They must have worked very hard on that piece.

    My favorite thing about decorating for Christmas is my Nativity scene. It was the one we had when I was growing up and I’m very attached to it. I also love putting the ornaments on the tree and remembering who gave them to us. And I love decorating with things from nature. I haven’t gotten any pine cuttings this year, but I am forcing some paperwhite narcissus bulbs. They’re going to bloom any day now.

  5. I LOVE your Santas framed. Unique. What a great find.

    Some of my favorite things about Christmas:

    when a neighbor bakes you cookies…….
    sitting by the tree with a glass of wine
    our goofy family grabbag game
    the music, oh the music.

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