Hello Everyone!

November is finished and December is all we have left in 2007. 

I don’t know about you but, to me, that hardly seems possible.

I need to get some Christmas decorations up – seriously, I need to crank it up a notch. 

I also need to put my family room back together – they just finished the “clean up” from the water down there – I had my carpets cleaned on Wednesday. 

I am a tad bit concerned about trees and cats.  Okay, maybe more than a tad bit concerned! 

I was going to post a photo of my carolers on my coffee table this morning – but, there was altogether too much interest from Noel and Maddie in being right in the midst of things.  I have a full day scheduled out of the house and common sense told me that there needs to be some cat supervision!!

Noel did not climb the tree last year at all – okay, she was rather small.  Her favorite thing was to sleep under the tree, hiding amongst the presents. 

I have a sinking feeling that she won’t be sleeping as much this year.

If any of you have any tried and true “cat proofing” techniques leave me a comment!!

On to something more interesting… like, perhaps, knitting!

Christmas knitting is rolling right along.  I got the heel turned last night on daughter #1’s sock.  Looking good!  I got the pattern figured out as well – well, the pattern in my head figured out – that is to say!  My “aha” knitting moment recently – I am more than capable of knitting socks without a pattern!!!  Okay – they are basic socks – and the basic sock recipe is an easy one to learn – but I have taken the basic sock and added some of my own unique twists to the pattern.   Thus, my new desire is to get some “stitch dictionaries” so I can expand my stitch knowledge!  I am putting these on my “wish list” for my children for Christmas!  

I showed off Anne Hanson’s “Snow on Cedars” Mitts at knitting last night – I absolutely love this pattern.  I am knitting a pair for my momma for Christmas as well.  I picked up some lovely INEXPENSIVE yarn from Friends of Wool – a great shade of heathered grey.  I have the pattern down almost to memory, and they are such a quick knit! 

Oh… and I was at Kim’s website this morning and I was so weak!!  I could not resist the lure buzz of the bees and before I knew it, this kit was on order!  Now, here is what I call some good karma – Kim and Anne Hanson have teamed up to create a truly gorgeous sock.  So, after my Christmas knitting is completed I shall soon be knitting me some french perfection for my feet!  I am sure that I will be in a “let them eat cake” mood sporting my Marie Antoinette Bee Socks! 

Okay, I better get moving on my day – have a great Friday everyone!!



4 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Hey, Kat! I have two cats and they have never messed with the Christmas tree or the ornaments. We have had real ones and fake ones (trees not cats!) Like yours, they love to lay under it and look at the lights, so every year I have a spot on the tree skirt covered in cat hair. So either mine are unusual or most cats don’t mess with the tree. Not sure cause these are the first cats I’ve ever had. They are extremely good cats. Perhaps because I have two and they keep each other amused?? Or do I treat them more like dogs because that’s what I’m used to so they behave more like dogs?? Or because I have a golden retriever “friend” for them that keeps them in line? Who knows, eh!?

  2. I have three cats. Each of them have been very interested in the tree their first year, but not so much afterwards. None of them have ever tried to climb the tree. Like yours and Laura’s. they like to sleep under the tree and look at the lights. One of the cats eats fiber, but will leave the presents alone as long as they have no ribbons or bows on them. It makes the presents a little less Christmassy, but… whatever works.

  3. Hi, Kat! 🙂

    No help from me – just forewarned, it isn’t easy redecorating a tree that is all disheveled.

    I had one kitten that liked to climb the tree, she even knocked it down twice. I have had babies that have pulled down trees too. Lucky for them, both the cat and daughter outgrew it. 🙂 Oh, yeah – and one cat that would chew on the lights every year.

    Our other years consist of keeping glass ornaments up a few extra feet – children and wagging dog tails would knock ornaments across the room. New dog this year. Zoe’s tail isn’t as strong as previous dog, Tessa is 6 – but we do have a new kitten too… so I can’t say the tree is safe this year…. maybe someday.

    We are decorating this weekend. Please note it is only Dec. 1st. Despite advertising that has been going on since the kids started school – there is plenty of time before Christmas!

  4. Hi Kat. You are in my Pay It Forward exchange and the first of (hopefully) my three commenters. This will be fun! Please email me at hoyerln[at]msn[dot]com, because, once again, blogger has given me an email of “noreply-commenter@blogger.com) – alot of good that does!! If you want to pay it forward, you need to make the same offer on your blog. It’s pretty cool when you think about how many people may be involved.

    My cats were always pretty good when it came to the tree. My only advice would be to NOT do what my sister did with two dogs – put homemade cookie ornaments on the tree. She came home to find the tree on it’s side and the cookies eaten off of it. What did she expect! 🙂

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