Hello Everyone!

Are you traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving?  If you are – be careful in your travels, you will be traveling with the “masses” as all the news programs have told us. 

Also, as the newspaper informed me this morning, today is the “kick off” of the holiday party season – and the local police will be out in force tonight targeting druken drivers. 

Did you all know that Thanksgiving Eve was a night to party? 

It is one of the biggest nights for drunken driving. 


Okay, here is my question – aren’t they having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? 

Who is cooking? 

I can assure you that I cannot imagine heading to my local watering hole tonight – I have WAY to much work at home to do! 

Now, that is not saying I might not have a glass of wine as I talk with family while I am working on “turkey feast preparation”! 

I obviously live a sheltered life as I was clueless on this front page fact!

That being said – it is with a very thankful heart that I end today’s post with some of the things I am thankful for:

Rose and Ruby for being there and listening to me.  Also, for making me feel useful – it means more than you could ever know.

Mary and Ann for being such good friends. 

My children for the blessings they bring to my life.  And, they are blessings even with the challenges that teenagers bring! 

My parents – I am so very blessed that I still have my parents – many friends no longer do, and I am thankful I still have mine here.

This blogging community and the friends I have found through it. 

My faith – without it I am not certain I could get through the day. 

And last, but certainly not least, Kyle. 

So, as you work on preparing for your Thanksgiving feasts tomorrow – my wish to you is that you will find much to be thankful for in your day.  And, may you take those blessings with you in your days following, that your Thanksgiving may become Thanksliving.

You are all in my thoughts – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


9 thoughts on “Thanksliving

  1. What sweet sentiments. And here I was going to blog about being thankful for my new car!!!! How shallow am I? Or being thankful for finishing Lady Eleanor. I need to find a new list of thankfuls!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. I think the drunk driving thing is because people who have traveled home then meet up in restaurants and bars to get together with friends. I seem to remember doing that back in my 20s. With a designated driver, of course.
    I’m thankful for many things and enjoyed reading your list.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. happy thanksgiving to you, too. we’re going to our niece’s house this year. usually we go to my brother-in-law so this will be a change. no one comes to our house; it’s too small. for which i am eternally grateful!

  4. I thought New Years Eve would have been the night to drink…We’re not traveling until in the morning, hopefully they’ll be in jail or sleeping it off somewhere!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Have a great day!
    Anxious to see those fibers you have spun!
    I agree much to be thankful for and about.
    Here is my news I am moving to the Fennville branch.
    Catch up with me some time and I will fill you in!

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