Go Ask Alice!

Okay, I am not regressing back to the 60’s – but if you are wondering how much house work I got done – Go Ask Alice. 

If you are wondering how much laundry I got done – Go Ask Alice. 

If you are wondering how much knitting I got done – Go Ask Alice. 

Do you see the theme here?

Yes, Alice lured me into spinning up the undyed Bluefaced Leicester I got at the Allegan Fiber Festival.  She has a siren song – I am helpless to resist.  I am heading out today to find some waxen ear plugs that I can stop my ears with – sort of Odysseus like.  Although, maybe if I can convince my children to do all the housework – I can lash myself to Alice and spin away! 

Well – here is the before – 2 bobbins full of creamy white goodness.  The yarn has a lovely sheen to it that this picture does not do justice to.   

Here is the detail shot of my 1900+ yards of BFL.  The sheen is a bit more apparent here, I think.  I have not set the twist yet, but let me tell you how soft this is. 


Yeah, lovely huh?  I wish you could feel how yummy it is.


I googled BFL last night and I found a farm in Coopersville where I can get fleece from.  Ummm, Coopersville is less than 30 minutes from my home…. This could pose a problem! 

Next on my “need to learn” list is how to clean and prepare a fleece to spin. 

Now, on to more pressing problems – Naming the new “Little Kitty”.  There has been a vigorous debate going on between my children and me as to what to name this little black character. 

My son liked the choice of Salem.  I liked Madame Defarge (Maddy for short), and Heidi – oh Heidi – she has been calling the kitten “Negra” – spanish for black.  Yeah, that was not working for me!  At all!!!!

So, in light of how well democracy works in a family  – I, in the end, used my parental veto and removed Negra from the slate of names.  After a couple more days – one was obviously perfect and  without further ado – I am announcing the newest member of the Christensen Huis – Madame Defarge.

 Ewe-niss is the winner!!  I will be emailing you for your snail mail address to send you a package of yarny goodness!  Thank you all for playing.

 Have a great Saturday everyone!


7 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice!

  1. Lovely spinning! Just remember that Odysseus stopped up his men’s ears with wax — not his own. He wanted to enjoy the Sirens’ sweet song.

  2. I LOVE the BFL and I don’t blame you for answering “The Call”! I also LOVE Maddy’s name…congratulations to Ewe-niss (love that name too)! I purchased my first fleece last March and it was very easy to process, email me if I can help or I’m sure you can google the subject for some answers.

  3. oooo… shiny… !!! Seriously, though, very pretty. You and Alice make quite a team!

    I am still resisting the lure of the spindle. I know what would happen. The next thing anyone knew, I’d be moving to the country and raising goats and sheep and bunnies.

    So I am very glad there are other people around to spin up pretty things that I can fondle and coo over. 🙂

  4. Glad to see that you’re doing the NaBloPoMo thing. So am I. It’s very interesting this making myself come up with a post every day. I’m enjoying it. The yarn looks really great too. I’ve heard the siren song of spinning and I keep resisting. (It’s like saying no to that first cigarette. I don’t know if that computes, but to any ex-smoker, I’m sure it does.) I’ll give in one of these days, but I think I’ll go right to the spinning wheel. Saw a great one at a recent yarnfest in Rotterdam. Keep on blogging!

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