Hump Day?

 Can you have a hump day if you are not working?  Wednesday’s are the “down hill from here” day in the work-a-day world.  So, do you get a Hump Day if you are in the ranks of the unemployed?

How about a Hump Month?

Can it be all down hill from here?

If it is all down hill from here, I had best get on my bike and start coasting!

Well… if nothing else – there is humor!

 Okay, so – what have I really been doing since I lost my job. 

Tears?  Okay – I will admit, I have shed a few.

Moping?  No – not so much of that.


Well – I am having a bit of a love affair with Alice.

Who is Alice? 

Alice is my Ashford Traveler – and she is the apple of my eye.  I cannot tell you how much I adore her!  She is becoming a fast friend!  She is going to get me through the crisis of loosing my job!  And, she is going to do so with style!

I had spun up all the Wensleydale I purchased at the Allegan Fiber Festival – but – my dear friend Blogless Mary – bequeathed me with the Wensleydale she purchased at the same time. 

Voila’!  Below you will find 1600 more yards of this amazing stuff! 

I am amazed to tell you that I was able to replicate what I had spun earlier!  I am telling you people – Alice is creating a monster here!  You can blame it all on her! 

My  spinning buddy – Copper – seems to be loving Alice as much as I do.  He is so content to sit next to me as I sit and spin.  I think he loves Alice as much as I do!  Here he is – all ready for me to sit back down and while away a day or two spinning and plying. 

How can I refuse this face????  I mean seriously people.  I  am working on priorities – trust me!

 So,  then there was this enabler – Rose.  She is moving, right?  Well, she had some fiber to get rid of….

Can you see where this is going???? 

Yep, I bought it.  It came home with me.  One large bag of gold, burgundy, orange, pink goodness.  One very large bag – people – I have over 1800 yards of this amazing goodness.  It is spun, plied, washed, and dried.  I present to you – Autumn Glory. 

Isn’t she lovely?  How does she look on the polished table in the sunlight?  Are your fingers itching to touch her?  Knit with her?  Can you hear her speaking to you? 

Trust me – she has a siren’s call – and I have all kinds of things rattling around my  head.  Who knew that spinning would spark such creative genius in me! 

Here is a close up – just some Yarn Pr0n for your viewing pleasure! 

So… do you think there are any spinning jobs I might find? 

Have Alice -will travel!

Have a blessed evening everyone! 





9 thoughts on “Hump Day?

  1. Hi,

    I just stopped by to see how things were going and hoping there’d be some good news on the job-front. Your spinning creations are beautiful! Glad you’re not moping – I have definitely had times when I was absolutely immobilized by life – it is so healthy that you are moving forward. Remember, there are all of us out here in blogville who know something good will happen for you.

  2. Crown Mountain Farms was looking for freelance spinners when last I heard…

    Your Autumn glory handspun is just wonderful…..if you were an etsy store, I would be clamoring to buy it from you:)

  3. Yes, humpday just means you are closer to the weekend when “fun” things seem to happen! Love both yarns, so beautiful! Yup, you could easily sell that! (etsy, a lys….)

  4. Kat-

    We at FOW were all sorry to hear of your job loss, but are delighted with your spinning! The yarn looks wonderful! Please come to Knit Night and bring some along so we can see it in person.

  5. damn girl you took to spinning like a duck takes to water! very very nice 🙂

    wish i’d temembered to remind you about first friday spinning group last week 😦 we had a huge group for a change and lots of laughs…think you can get away for december’s?? pretty please? alice says she loves travelling……;-)

    thinking good thoughts for you

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