Hello everyone. 

You have all humbled me with your kind and supportive responses. 

This blog was started when I lost a long time job and when I started it I had no clue where life would take me.  I am amazed at how much calmer I am today, in the light of uncertainty, than I was two and a half years ago. 

Sometimes life is all about preparing you for the next step.  My eyes are open to so much more today than they were. 

I had been looking at other employment opportunites for some time now – I knew in my heart that I needed to find other work.  The housing industry in Michigan is shaky, at best.  I had been looking in West Michigan – and was a bit depressed at how depressed the economy truly is around here.  But, not being much of a “glass half empty” person, I could not linger in that state long. 

Then came the shake up of job loss and with a renewed sense of direction – I began to look outside my comfort zone. 

I need to apply to my life what I have been telling my children for years – change is inevitable.  Change happens daily because each day is different than the last.  Learn to embrace and accept change – life will be so much easier. 

Sometimes the hardest thing is to do what you tell others to do.

So, I am heading on a new journey.  One that I do not know where it is leading to.  But, I know that I am not traveling on this journey alone.

This could actually be a very good thing – think of how many knitting minutes I will now have between now and Christmas! 

Life is in fact very, very good.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some knitting and spinning content!

Thanks for your prayers and support – they are truly a balm to my soul!


8 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. I have found that even during some very low periods – times of major upheaval, or health crises, that there is always a positive. And often that positive is finding caring people where you least expect them to be. Knowing that other people are rooting for you and cheering you on is so important, and there are lots of us out here that are really hoping that something terrific will come along for you.

  2. I needed that pep talk. Oh, it wasn’t for me. But it is good advice for our situation. I know I am relieved to finally have an idea of what will happen, just wish I didn’t have to wait 18 months for the actual change! I guess it’s either good to have time to prepare, or time to change my mind a million times!

  3. CHange…i am not a person who adapts very easily to change either. Funy thing being i married a military man who could disappear at the drop of a hat for months! Literally “honey, i leave tomorrow.” And change we have experienced these past 16+ years!

    Look at it as a positive though, as you said, the glass if half full. Some of the best situations have come from the most scary life changing situations. i believe if you stay positive (even if you are slightly tied up in knots inside) and keep moving forward, all will work out, usually for the better! I tell you this from numerous personal experiences. I love where my family and life are right now, and the journey has been slightly twisted and eerie at times. But we would not be here now had it not been for that journey!

    I have spent the past 2 years building my clientele and am now going to be giving the salon my notice in 2 weeks, my business will be moving 1 hour north, i do not know the exact location yet and it may take a couple of months to locate a place, hubby is looking at land/houses in that area. I have been comfortably settled, now i will be uprooted starting from scratch again. But I am thinking of this as exciting, not overwhelming….my new mantra! I will keep you in my thoughts!

    Lol, that poor kitty needs a name! 🙂

  4. I’ve only just started reading your blog and have absolutely no real thoughts or advise on what your future may bring, but just wanted to let you know that I’ll be praying for you in this time of transition. Have a beautiful day and enjoy the fall weather!

  5. Kathy,

    Why haven’t you been in? Sorry (I guess) about the job. I know you will come out better than ever. We learn from every experience.
    Hope to see you Thursday night. Missed you last night at spinning. We have some new converts.

    Love Ya,


  6. Kat!
    Hey knitting buddy….are you back yet? I’m planning on knitting tomorrow at FOW. You should check out my blog……I’m blogging finally. Ann Marie shamed me into it. Okay, here’s the story. I cannot get my pictures on WordPress. I did figure out Ravelry. So, yes I’m being selfish, I hope you come back soon to help me 🙂 You know I love ya! Hugs.

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