A Halloween Contest….

 Hello Everyone! 

Are you ready for All Hallows Eve? 

Do you have your treats ready?

It has been a busy end of month – I am amazed at how mild it has been.  The weather man did not need to tell me that it has been one of the warmest October’s on record – I have been appreciating how nice it has been.  We still have some pockets of vibrant color outside – all in all, it has been a truly lovely fall.

I have been busy spinning – this is truly addicting.  This summer I bought some beautiful Wensleydale fiber from Flying Fibers at the Allegan Fiber Festival.  I also met the sheep who gave this lovely fiber.  So, from sheep to yarn – here is a great example.  I wish I had bought more of this yummy stuff.  As you can see – it is natural – no dyes.  My girlfriend, blogless Mary, bought some as well.  I am going to buy it from her and spin up a bit more.  I see a clapotis in this yarn’s future.  I wish that you all could feel how soft this stuff is.   

I am very happy with my spinning on this.  The color in the photo does not do the yarn justice – it is really a very intense brown-grey. 

I had hoped to get my “Special Swap” package out on Saturday, but that did not happen.  I have it all set to go out today.  I had fun putting this package together – our theme was “movie night”.  I hope my pal enjoys the treats I put in her package!

Things have been a bit topsy turvy here also – remember the kitten that Heidi brought home?  Well, she took that kitten over to her dad’s home.  They were looking for a kitten – so, he moved over to their home. 

A co-worker had a black kitten that she was hoping to find a home for… and this is the cutest little kitty!  I had the dickens of a time trying to get a picture of her this morning though. 

Here she is in all her green-eyed glory.  She is so funny.  She loves the dogs.  But, Miss Noel is not so sure about this little rascal yet…

Here is where the contest comes in – help us name Little Kitty and I will send off some yarny goodness to the winning name. 

Leave your name suggestions in the comments – you have until Friday at noon EST. 

Happy Halloween everyone!  Have a fun day!


59 thoughts on “A Halloween Contest….

  1. Hey,
    I finally found you and got the font so I could read it. Little Kitty looks great…
    I worked on the sock last night and am nearly to the toe. I also got stuck on my Great American afghan Square.
    Blogless Mar

  2. Aww… she looks like my eldest daughter’s cat, Stellaluna – because when she was tiny and curled up on your chest, she looked like a bat. So we named her after a bat in one of our favorite children’s stories.

    Names are so hard sometimes. I think, ‘Miss Thing’. She looks like she has some ‘tude and thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. 🙂
    …or ‘Boo’ – you did get her around Halloween…

    Lovely spinning.

  3. Oh, she is so cute! Love the paws crossed pose – looks like she might have a bit of attitude, eh? 🙂 Hmmm… Minx? The Vamp? Darkling? Tink? Batgirl? Artemis (Artie for short)?

    Ok, I’ll stop now!

  4. The first thing that popped into my head looking at her picture was “Elegance”! She looks so elegant and regal with her paws crossed gently in front of her.

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  6. Hmmm…Opal? A rare black Opal? (And a tribute to the sock yarn.)

    If she were a boy, I’d suggest Carbonel, from one of my favorite books when I was a kid, Carbonel, King of the Cats.

    Nixie? Short for Onyx and appropriate for a spritely Halloween-y cat.

    And, final suggestion…Sassy. ‘Cos she looks like she is.

  7. I could not make up my mind which one to suggest so here are a few Licorice, Hectate, Jynx or Wicca for witch. And my favorite for black cats Alice as in Alice Cooper.

  8. I couldn’t make up my mind either so her are 3 of my favorites for black female kitties Ashley, Morticia or Lucyfurr. Personally Lucyfurr is my favorite but my cats are Frodo, Sam and Gimli, so we’ve been sticking with that theme!

  9. I think you ought to name that kitty after the black panther in the Jungle Book, Bagheera. He was noble and kind to Mowgli,the human child.

  10. I’ve always wanted a cat named Greebo (famous cat in the Discworld series of books)… Although, your cat’s a “she”. How ’bout something yarny like Angora or Merino?

  11. What a darling kitten! What with Halloween, black cats and witches, I thought of Samantha, Sam for short, of course.

  12. OK – I know I have already put in my suggestions… but using ‘dickens of a time getting her to…’
    From Dicken’s ‘Tale of Two Cities’ how about Madame Defarge? 🙂

    She knits throughout the book.

  13. I have a black cat too! We named her Leila, which is of Arabic derivation and means ‘night’ (if you look on name website, you’ll see it interpreted as ‘night beauty,’ ‘born at night,’ ‘as dark as the night’ — all quite appropriate for a black cat acquired around Halloween).

    But sometimes we thought we should have named her Lola. Kind of vampier, I think!

    p.s. I’ll post about this contest at WiKnit, my knitting contest blog

  14. Inky? Tricks? or Trixie? LucyFurr? Ebony?
    Just a few suggestions – she’s a darling little gal – I had a prissy long-haired blonde kitty who sat just that way…

  15. She looks so cute and vampy with her little paws crossed! Cute and vampy….how about “Elvira” (Mistress of the Dark), or “Moonlight” ?

  16. I think Cassiopeia, a great constellation. It’s leading star is called Shedir, so it has a knitting reference too.

  17. Such a cutie! We have a stray that has been hanging at our house since april…aptly dubbed “stalker”. She climbs up to our 2nd floor and sits on the railing with her face pressed against the window till you let her in. If you do not respond soon she starts “window swimming”. She loes our dog as well!

    Well, they say animals learn their name faster and respond better when they have “a” ‘s and “s” ‘s in the name.

    I do like Cinder but also like SIBYL or SADIE or STELLA. Have fun with her!

  18. I once bought a black kitten on a full moon from a carnie! I named her Gypsy.

    For this kitty…
    Applesauce? (As in Criss, Cross, Applesauce which is how my preschooler’s teacher gets them to sit down and cross their legs)

    Or, even better, Kitchener – Kit or Kitch for short!

  19. She could be a Luna for the moon, but I like the Morgane LeFey that Elizabeth previously mentioned, and Cinderella too!

    Such a pretty girl, glad she found such a good home with you!

  20. How about Jealousy (because of the green eyes). Or Chat Noir (black cat in French) or you could name her Arnie after the gov of CA (because of his last name in German), or La Noche (or noche for short – night in Spanish).

    She is so elegant looking. Maybe name her Elegant.

  21. Hmmm… Mehitabel? (of Archy and Mehitabel fame… I think the name is biblical as well but spelled differently). Circe? (the enchantress) Miss Thing? (a friend named his dog that…) You could name her after one of the great singers, like Lena, Billie, Diana, Odetta, Libba (for Elizabeth Cotten)…

  22. How about Kuro? It’s Japanese for “black.” On special occasions, she can be Kuro-chan (which is the suffix to indicate affection).

  23. I have a little cutie (evil) black kitty named Pepper but I was going to name her Indigo. And my all time favorite “black cat” name? Sunshine 🙂 But I must admit, I like “Boo” a lot too!

    enjoy her 🙂

  24. Your new youg “lady” looks just like my late Dinah Anne Marie Nincompoop. Notice what her initials spell. That is because that DAMN cat loved to climb the brocade curtains to sit on the cornice board to get away from the rest of the family. Because she was half Siamese she was very vocal as well.

    That yarn is beautiful as well and I agree would make a beautiful clapotis.

  25. I like “Purl”, short for Black Purl/Pearl like the pirate ship in the movie, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, but with a knitting twist. She is just as lovely and sleek as she could possible be. I wish you many happy and healthy years together.

  26. Oh she is so darling and petite. An appropriate name would be Katrina from Sleepy Hollow. You could call her Trina for short.

  27. I know this one has been commented before, but I have a special connection to the name…it’s been more than 20 years since her passing.

    Onyx (her kittens names were Jet & Coal)

  28. Now isn’t she just adorable with her little paws crossed. She was totally ready for her close up! *lol*

    I think she’s itching to be named URSULA. 🙂

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