Friday = Fun day?

Hello everyone – well, last night we had some insane weather blow through our area.  It got dark and windy out – all of a sudden.  Then, the rains came down – lots of rain beating against the house.  Then came the hail – it was like buckshot being blasted at the house!  The cat just loved it – not!  So, I have Copper melded to me because he is terrified of storms, and Miss Noel freaking out – her tail the size of a baseball bat!   Penny, on the other hand, slept through all the turmoil.  Thank goodness Penny is NORMAL!  LOL 

So, I lit some candles just in case the power went out, turned on the tv, got out my  spinning wheel and some corriedale roving and went to town!  Two full bobbins later – Grey’s Anatomy was over, and I was well into ER. 

Does anyone watch “Ugly Betty”?  I have never watched this show – and if you are an Ugly Betty fan, my apologies in advance, but I think this has to be the dumbest show on television!  Just saying – sorry if you love the show!

 Have I told you how calming spinning is?  There is just something about that soothing, repetitive motion that soothes one so perfectly!  Wish I could show you a photo of how my evening ended up – Copper asleep with his head on my lap, Penny snoring on the back of the sofa, and Miss Noel perched next to her.  I am so excited, I think I will have more than enough to knit myself a pair of socks!!!  I have gotten the hang of drafting and this attempt is amazingly even and consistant.  I would post a photo, but I cannot find my camera!!

Today at work is a “run around” day – I need to go and pick up things from several people and I am even working tomorrow.  Although, I did interview for a new job this week – I hope to know something by next Friday, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow afternoon will be a “get away” day for me as well – I am heading out of town for the evening. 

Have a glorious Friday everyone!  Talk to you next week!


3 thoughts on “Friday = Fun day?

  1. Good luck on the job interview. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too. I’m in the interview market too, so I understand. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Lucky you! The tornados blew through here between 10 and midnight, so I only got to see about 10 minutes of ER before the weatherman took over the channel. We got off easy, but Williamston, just to the east of us, got hit hard.

  3. lol sarah beat me to it…was gonna say you shoulda been here…i was stuck (well that’s not really a good word to describe being unable to leave t’bear lol) at the shop teaching…frankly i felt a lot better being there than i would have been at home alone…i HATE tornadoes *shudder*

    you are soooooooo right about spinning…glad you’ve discovered that aspect of it 🙂

    i don’t suppose your ‘out of town’ would have anything to do with the vendor show and fiberklatsch tonight? 😦

    *thinking good thoughts*

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