The times they are a changin’

Well Hello Everyone! 

Are you all finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings like I am?  It is darker and darker in the mornings and there is a bit of a chill in the air that is encouraging me to stay snuggled under the blankets and grab a few more minutes of sleep!  This is not helping my productivity at work at all! 

I am truly enjoying this stretch of lovely days we have been having here in West Michigan – warm, sunny weather as September rolls along!

This week I have been heading north to Grand Haven to work and the stretch of highway I travel has some trees that are changing colors.  Each day there is a little more color that the day before.  There is a stand of Sassafras trees whose colors are amazing.  I will bring the camera tomorrow and try and capture of picture of their amazing beauty. 

This week was a fun week on the fiber front – I took a spinning class on Monday night with my friend Mary.  I learned more about wool and what kind of fibers are good for “beginning” spinners.  I also got to try out a spinning wheel – an Ashford – wow, that was nice!!  In a short amount of time I had a goodly amount of spun fiber on the bobbin and the consistancy was very even!  Look out, this could get addicting!!

Mary and I have also been brainstorming a bit – we have been working up some items to put in a couple of local gift shops.  And, we are going to try our hand at a gift show in our area as well!  I will keep you all posted on how that progresses. 

All this “work” knitting has taken a big chunk out of “recreational” knitting though – so last night I turned on the TV to catch Grey’s and pulled out my SKB – I just need to finish the sleeves and then the neck band.  I got quite a bit accomplished last night, knitting just for me.  I also want to get some things done for my kids for cold weather – my daughter spied a hat she wanted and I want to get that done for her – I need to find some yarn that will work for the project though – the pattern calls for a bulky yarn so it should be a quick knit!

Well, back to work for me – have a great Thursday all!


4 thoughts on “The times they are a changin’

  1. Can you waft over some of that good knitting energy? I am stalled on the baby blanket I’m making and the baby is due Oct. 2! And I wanted to go to the Friends Knit Night last night but spent the evening with my husband cause he just got home from a business trip. Perhaps once we get cool again, my knitting time will increase. Have fun spinning, and hope to see you at a future Knit Night!

  2. hey kat…were you by any chance at threadbear today? i could have sworn it was you, but i’m too big a chicken to take a chance and say hello, knowing i might be wrong 😐

    yes, btw i am still alive 😉 just not blogging at the moment….not that anyone but rob really notices lol

    *waving to laura* i owe you an email :-\

  3. yes, yes and yes! Isn’t roadtime nice though, just to de-stress and unwind (without your knitting of course!) Been thinking about you, and I just may have to give you a call one of these days! Just to say hi.

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