Saturday Sunshine

Hello Everyone!  I was awakened this morning by the sun peeking in the window!  It was warm and welcoming.  Nights have been getting cooler here.  And, nights have been getting longer – the sun did not wake me until after 8AM!  All these things add up to summer ending! 

I even saw some trees with changing leaves this week as I drove between Holland and Grand Haven! 

Yikes – I am just not ready for fall!

I have plans to have no plans this weekend.  August ended on such a frenzied note that a weekend of nothing sounded quite heavenly.  So, you will find me sitting outside, soaking up the last summery rays of sunshine, listening to the radio, and knitting.

I had some stash enhancement this week – I have been wanting to knit Charlotte’s Web for some time now.  So, I broke down and got 5 skeins of Koigu!!  Here is the great part – 3 of them were ON SALE!!  A new knitted item on it’s way for the wedding I am attending in September!!  Who needs a new “little black dress” when you can dress up your current black dress with a new wrap!!  It should be just the right weight for a fall evening! 

My LYS has enlisted my help – yes, that is right – my help.  They want to start a blog!!  Yes, gentle reader, Rose and Ruby are going to be available to you – near or far – via the blogisphere!!  Watch for updates on this in the days to come.

Now, I am off to my plan-less weekend.  And, here is to hoping that your weekend plans or no plans goes exactly as you imagine it to!! 


8 thoughts on “Saturday Sunshine

  1. My plans will keep me busy. One party down today, 2 for Monday. At least tomorrow will be quiet. I hope you find the peace you seek this weekend. And yeah for new starts! Can’t wait to see Charlotte progress. i want to do one, but I also have a bazillion other want to dos!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my sock. I am also having a planless weekend and it is wonderful! The shawl sounds lovely.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Plans have all be followed thru as of tonight, Sunday. Tomorrow, no plans, Mom is in the cottage, so we will just see what happens as the day goes along.
    Back to work on Wednesday after a great vacation, just at home and doing a couple of day trips!
    A blog for Friends of Wool!!?! A knit night on line every day!!
    Enjoy your sunshine and knitting, I did today and plan on some of the same tomorrow!

  4. Hey, you snagged some great stuff at Allegan! If I make any more friends in downstate MI, I just might have to start a monthly visit! If I stop off and see Chris I can write it off as a business expense.

    Maybe you can show me how to spin when I see you in October. I’d be happy to sponsor a little knit & chat at the cottage…


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