It was a very weak moment!

Hello everyone!  Fiber Festival in Allegan was so much fun – and there was some stash enhancement!  And, I bought a drop spindle – I know, I was just going to look!  Well, it looked like an interesting and wonderful way to drive myself nuts this weekend!  So I purchased a nice spindle and some roving – this roving was specifically suggested for a beginner!  I cannot remember what the green roving is – but the natural roving is from Blue Faced Leicester.  I have been playing at this a bit this morning – and I am, of course, struggling with drafting.  I have the spin and park down, but figuring out this drafting thing is not as easy as the gentleman made it look!  So, I worked at this until my back was telling me I needed to do something different.  I would have posted some photos of what I have spun, but my camera battery died,  drats!

Drop Spindle and Roving

 There was lots to see though – and Chris from Briar Rose was there.  I went with 2 patterns that I was looking for some yarn for – her latest and greatest “Bee” designs.  Well, of course, Chris had some amazing yarns that I think will work beautifully.  I also saw Susan who is designing an amazing bit of lace out of Chris’ fiber that has been dyed a lovely shade of “cherry”.  Look for the debut of this lacy goodness in Leland in October! 

Bee Fields Shawl and Heritage


Honeybee Stole and Seal Pearl

The upper photo is some lovely Briar Rose Fiber – Heritage.  Which is 100% Wensleydale and the color is so incredible.  This will knit up  into Anne’s Bee Fields Shawl.  In the bottom photo is some Sea Pearl – a blend of Merino and Tencel.  This shimmery yarn will become the Honey Bee Stole.  There’s a whole lot of knitting to be done!

The weekend was just wonderful – filled with fibery goodness.  I saw sheep and more sheep – some Angora Rabbits – and looked for Alpaca, but I did not find any!!  There was fiber everywhere – and more.  It was a fun weekend!!


8 thoughts on “It was a very weak moment!

  1. I, too, cannot get the drafting thing down while spinning on my spindles. I have 3, they have been sadly silent for quite awhile. Maybe now that the girls are back in school I will dig them out.
    Beautiful stuff you got!

  2. You’re gonna love spinning. The trick to drafting is to pre-draft. If your back is hurting you’re stressing and need to just stop and take a deep breath. This is supposed to be fun! Pretty soon, you’ll start eyeing the roving more than the yarn. One thing I’ve discovered is it is very hard to predraft some roving over others. If you can easily pull it apart it should pre-draft nicely. I just don’t like struggling with the stiff stuff. Do what makes YOU happy.

    I’m going to do the Bee Fields Shawl. I have both patterns but, since I’ve never done lace, Anne suggested starting with the shawl. I have some gorgeous KnitPicks yarn, the Alpaca Cloud in Tidepool, that I’m going to call “Bees in Clover”.

  3. Ah, and so it starts. 🙂 Like Susan already told you, pre-drafting makes a huge difference. I can’t wait to see what you’ve spun.
    You picked up some really beautiful yarns this weekend.

  4. Good luck with your spinning lessons!!

    If you don’t mind my asking, is your email katlover at hotmail? Someone with that address leaves me very nice comments, but I can’t seem to respond and the message is always returned as a delivery failure. If that is you, I just wanted to say thanks and let you know I’m not ignoring you. 🙂

  5. One weak moment leads to 2 weak moments, which leads to . . . next thing you know you’re going to have a big ol’ wheel in your living room!

    I have Bee Fields in my queue too – someday!


  6. Hi Kat,
    It was great meeting you and I love the shop! I can’t wait to come back. I missed you in Allegan…

    The Fiber Festival was fabulous! I can’t wait until next year. I think we are now in the “Fall & Winter” of the sock! I promise to blog in the next few weeks!

  7. Gorgeous yarn! Yum!

    So, the spinning- ahhhh, I’m about to take lessons from a friend and I fear another hobby. Any of these fears in you, too? 🙂

    Thanks for the comments on Lizard Ridge.

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