There’s a whole lot of nothing going on!

Hello everyone!  So, here is the blogger challenge – to blog when nothing is going on! 

I have been reading lots of forum posts on Ravelry – one of particular interest – what to blog about – and especially, what not to blog about.  It seems that everyone has definate opinions about what not to put on ones blog.

 Okay – here and now, I officially take back all posts regarding relationship issues – this seems to be a taboo subject!  So, scratch that from the annals of my blog history! 

Next, I take back any other personal issues – this is also a no-no topic! 

Here is my question – and I am not “fishing for blog lurkers to come out and post” – this has a wonderful name in blogdom – one I will not use here!  But, back to my question – if I cannot talk about what is really going on in my life – and everyone thinks that my life is like Ward and June Cleaver – how long will you all read my blog? 

 It is not as if I want to share all the gory details of life at the Christensen Huis – but really, I put my pants on just like you all do – and I have things that are a struggle each and every day.  This is real life folks – and sometimes real life is messy!

So, for an August post where not much is going on – how about if I update you on my knitting forrays – I am plugging along on EZ’s BSJ – this is my first Zimmerman knit – foolish me for not picking up something she designed before.  I am in awe of EZ’s brilliance.  This is like knitting Mystery Stole #3 – just knit as she tells you until you are finished.  I have just bound off the stitches for the neck – I am knitting this in Koigu – and I am in love with this little miracle sweater – for my girlfriends little miracle baby!

 Speaking of my Mystery Stole –  I am so thrilled with this pattern – kudo’s to Melanie for her design genius!  I am plugging away on it, making my way through clue #3 – yes, I am behind.  But, I have always found – the more in a hurry I am, the more behind I get.  I don’t want to have to frog this gossamer gem – so slowly I go.  I have so fallen in love with lace knitting I have cast on with my Briar Rose Angel Face – yes, that is right – I have Anne Hanson’s Wing O’ the Moth shawl started!  There is something so magical about holding this thin strand of wool in your hands, twisting it in stitches and yarn overs on some Addi Lace needles, and watching the strand turn into the most lovely of creations!  Knitting is truly amazing – a wonder of wonders, that me – a lowly human – can create something so extraordinary!

I am also plugging away on “Something Black” – I have divided the sleeves – and knitting down the body – almost to the ribbing.  This is my mindless knitting right now – no counting, stockinette stitches – back and forth.  But, I truly love this pattern – another genius designer – Ms. Wendy Bernard – it is amazing in its simplicity. 

So, for a whole lot of nothing going on – it seems I rattled on quite a bit.  Hope your week is flowing nicely – the weekend is knocking on the door.  Here is to you all having a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!


8 thoughts on “There’s a whole lot of nothing going on!

  1. If we only wrote about our knitting, our blogs would be dull. I’m a big proponent of writing about life as it comes. I mean, maybe I wouldn’t use my blog as an expose on my sex life or as a tally sheet for what I eat for every meal. But I want to know people and if our blogs become superficial then it’s hard to know anyone. Or, maybe not. Maybe then we just know we don’t want to know those people.

  2. Write about what you want. I have to be careful about what I write because my mom and siblings view it – so I won’t be whining about them, no siree. But you go on ahead 😉

    (I will gladly regail you with family weirdness in person.)

  3. Kat, there’s a world of difference between mentioning that you have relationships, and sometimes posting amusing anecdotes about it, vs. detailing every up and down that goes on in all relationships. To me, the most enjoyable blogs to read have a blend of knitting content, sprinkled with just enough personal stuff to make me wish I could go out to lunch with that person. However, here’s the most important thing. It’s YOUR blog. You write it for your own reasons. If that means you get personal, then get personal. Taboos? There is no Content God lurking around telling anyone what they can and can’t write.

  4. I agree, Sharon.

    I think you should write what you want to write about. I think that whole discussion on Ravelry was a little silly. I’m personally happy that there are blogs to fit every single possible description imaginable, because that means that there’s something out there to please every reader.

    And if it doesn’t please me, I don’t have to go back.

    (Note that I hang around here a lot.)

  5. It seems there are “police” everywhere, but last I looked it was still a “free country”. Post what you want-you know the guidelines… is a way of having a girlfriend phone conversation, sometimes it isn’t just about knitting.
    Have fun today(the 10th) in the shop, wish I could stop by!

  6. Amen to what the previous posters said. One of the things that keeps me coming back to various blogs feeling like I get to know the person. Quite frankly, if these people don’t want to read about people’s “details” then they don’t have to. Don’t tell ME what I can and cannot read about. Dang it!

    That said, you have me curious about what the name is for “fishing for blog lurkers to come out and post”. Do tell. I, for one, wanna know!

  7. Well, I’ve got to say, I agree with what every other commenter had to say on this subject! I love reading and knowing about the regular old lives and struggles that we all have. I want personal, I want real life…. Heck, we know you have a tatoo, we just want you to show us, now!

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