Photo Finish!

Here are the promised photo’s from our Lansing Trek!


Here is Lynne and one of the Lansing knitters.  I apologize, I do not remember her name!  Can you see some of the yarny goodness that surrounded us at Woven Arts?


Here is Sarah and some of her knitting friends – Sarah is working on her “Faith Jacket”!  Two of the ladies in the group are expecting! 


More of the Lansing Knitters!  In the left corner – Ewe-niss and Sharon


More Lansing Knitters!  It was just such a great ending to an amazing day!  Thank you ladies, one and all! 

** Edited to add:

FYI everyone – the look on poor Lynne’s face was the shock of finding out that yours truly has a tattoo!!  I know, stop the presses!!  There was a lively discussion about tattoo’s that evening.  As an added bonus for all my Lansing friends – if I loose a bit more weight, I am going to get another tattoo!!  Now you can all leave your comments about where you think I will get this new tattoo.  There might be yarny goodness to the correct guesser (is that even a word????)  Ewe-niss, you have me laughing hysterically here at work – when I should be working!!!! 


10 thoughts on “Photo Finish!

  1. Great photos!

    Where are the time lapse photos of the skirt not drooping? The photo of Lynne didn’t really capture her true shocked/repulsed/gob-smacked look when you were talking about a certain something that you have (the one where the entire world would be able to view if you made a certain skirt….). The lovely woman next to Lynne is Erin (Blog is the New Black).

    It was a funny fun evening. Come back soon!!!

  2. OK, you will be getting a tattootie on your patootie if you lose weight. Maybe Sarah is getting a tattoo!!!! That’s her big announcement!

  3. I have a tattoo, also. It’s on my right leg, just about my ankle. Not very big, just a vine with a few flowers. I have always said I’d get another one on my lower back if I lost weight so I’m going to guess that’s where you would get another one, too.

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    I have a tattoo on my right ankle. Maybe you’d get another tattoo on your upper arm?

  5. I say you’re going to get that tatoo smack in the middle of your left cheek…and I don’t mean the kissing cheek. Well, I guess you could get some people to kiss your #@#…or your tatoo when you get it there!

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