Lansing, FO’s, and Friends!

Hello everyone!  How is your summer going?  I hope as well as mine – I spent yesterday in lovely Lansing at Mecca surrounded by a multitude of yarns.  What was I doing there, you ask?  Well, I went over with Lynne and Laura.  Laura was kind enough to drive.  We were all amazed that we remembered the way there from last year – personally, I believe it is the “knitter’s homing device” that can detect yarn in any city, town, or village!!  We got to Threadbear and we had much to look at  – I had on my newly completed “Indigo Great Green Ripples Skirt” – I knit this with some Silky Wool from my stash – as soon as I find the camera cord I will post some photo’s!  I have to tell you, I love this flirty little skirt!  It held up well to the day’s activities!!  No bagging at the seat with all the sitting and knitting I did!  I inspired Lynne as well – she is knitting another of Kat Coyle’s skirts – the bobbled one from IK Lace Style book.  Lynne scoured the shop for the perfect yarn to knit it – and she found the perfect red yarn!  I must admit to some stash enhancement enabling yesterday!  Although, I managed to hold firm and not acquire any new yarn. 

Shortly, after our arrival -I heard a familiar voice – Sarah had arrived!!  Sarah is one of the most amazing knitter’s I know.  Her skills are truly incredible.  There will soon be an announcement from Sarah of GINORMOUS proportions.  Stay tuned to her blog for the details.  Sarah is not only a great knitter, but a great story teller!!  She kindly invited us all to “Knit In” in East Lansing that evening.  I was thrilled to find Nancy’s shop Woven Art – it was filled with wonderful yarns – as well as wonderful people.  Sharon was there and some new friends that I had not yet met.  There was food and laughter and lots of knitting.  It was truly an amazing day!!

 Make sure you stop back later for some fun filled pictures from the days adventures!!

Oh, and if you have been hankering for Victorian Lace Today – stop over to The Heathen Housewife – Shelly is having a contest and if you leave a comment, you could win this and a skein of lace weight yarn!!  Get on over there!!


3 thoughts on “Lansing, FO’s, and Friends!

  1. I had sooooo much fun last night! It was great to finally put a face to your name and Lynne’s. I must have had too much caffeine. I didn’t fall asleep till around 3am. Makes it a little hard to get up for work, but the stories from last night have kept a smile on my face all morning.

    So the skirt held up, eh? 🙂 It is very cute.

  2. Obviously Sarah got over her no Camp pout. Now I am anxiously awaiting news of her announcement. I am sure it’s not a pregnancy?

  3. Glad you had such a great time. It sounds like great fun. I really would love to see a photo of your Green Ripples Skirt. That is one that I’ve really thought of making and I’ve heard so many saying that it really stands up to wear and not drooping. Can you attest to that as well? Do you love it in the Silky Wool? I might like that better than cotton.

    sorry for the long comment, but I also wanted to tell you that we made the blueberry scones earlier this week and they were a hit! My bf really liked them, as well as myself.

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