Has Francisco moved?

Who would of ever thought that the chuckles I got over Crazy Aunt Purl’s gardener woes would come back to haunt me.

 Well, imagine my surprise when I arrived home to discover Francisco’s weed wacker happy cousin – Paco – working in our condo yards! 

My neighbors have some lovely hydrangea’s that were just loaded with blossoms – I emphasize WERE!  Enter Paco with a weed wacker and a hedge trimmer – can you hear the poor little plants crying – he trimmed off all the blossoms!!

Another neighbor has a gorgeous Rose of Sharon bush – it was equally top heavy with just opening lush pink blooms – which are now all laying around the base of the bush – wilting, dying victims of some cruel, twisted man!

In my front yard – my fox glove had bloomed – and they were so lovely – in pale shades of yellow – like sentinels in the sun.  They lined up next to a riot of delphiniums – which were days away from opening to share their gorgeous purple hues with the world around them.  That is until Paco arrived…

 Paco took out his trusty weed wacker and mowed them all down – to the ground – one lone soldier left – crushed under Paco’s feet. 

I surprised Paco with my lunch time arrival – you could probably hear me screaming across the town – and then the tears began. 

This seemed to terrify Paco – he urgently shared with me that he remembered not to cut down my butterfly bush, like he had last year!  He was very confused as well – he did not know, evidently that there was a whole segment of society that actually enjoyed blooming things! 

I shared with him – in a fairly loud voice – if he could remember not to cut down the Butterfly bush – why on earth could he not remember not to cut down the flowers next to it!!

 It is a sadist plot, I tell you. 

But – there is a Flower Hero!

Enter Ken – when I shared with him the horror I was witnessing – he immediately came to the rescue!

He will be installing some “protective” fencing to keep Paco and his instruments of destruction out! 

I am sure I won’t even mind the neon orange color!

“F” is for weekend!?!

Well hello everyone!  Hope you all had a “FANTASTIC” weekend!  Filled with “FUN”!  I had a “FABULOUS” weekend up at Lake Charlevoix with Ken’s “FAMILY”. 

 On Saturday, we (this would be Ken and me- and no, he did not think it was a Viper Festival – he was ready to trek through the yards and yards of yarn with me)  took the “FERRY” to the “FIBER FESTIVAL” at Castle “FARMS”.  There were dozens of vendors selling their “FIBERY” goodness!! 

I stopped by Briar Rose “FIBERS” and snagged some gorgeous Angel Face to knit up Ann Hansen’s “Wing of the Moth” shawl.  Oh. My. Heavens.  This yarn is gorgeous – stay tuned for some Yarn Photos later on!

I also got some Aussie Sock Yarn – in a masculine gray colourway – after all, if Ken could trek through “FIBER FESTIVAL” with me – he should get some socks for the effort, right?

I also saw Susie there – and we had a wonderful reunion!  Hugs and kisses and laughter.  Susie had a drop spindle and a pocket “FULL” of roving – temptress that she is!  I managed to hold off the lure of spinning – and just stuck with the “FINISHED” product.

I shared a room with Ken’s sister Sue – we had a great time together.  I think we stayed up most of “FRIDAY” night talking.  I enjoyed his family immensely and we have all planned a “FOOTBALL” “FESTIVAL” in September at GVSU for one of their games.  Sue’s daughter, Stacy, attends GVSU – so I am sure that will be a “FUN” time! 

Ken’s sister Sheri and her husband Randy took us for a boat tour of Lake Charlevoix – at least the south arm of it.  Wow.  This is the really high rent district!  Holy cow, were there some palatial pads on the lake! 

Saturday evening we had a surprise party for Sheri turning “FIFTY”.  Another “FUN FILLED” evening! 

 For a weekend filled with so many “F’s” I would rate it an “A” PLUS!


It seems that change is inevitable – whether we want it or not.  Sometimes the change is from within ourselves, but other times the change is from external forces.  I think that a large part of lifes stess is due to my inability to accept change.  Now, that being said – I think that I handle change fairly well, up to a certain point.  I think the easiest change to work through is internal change – after all, that is the change I have the most control over.  It is the external forces that cause me the most problems. 

I am in a job field where changes are happening daily – rapidly – sometimes without any notice.  This makes it highly stressful at work.  What was always black and white now suddenly has a lot of gray areas. 

 Can someone please send me the rules for the gray areas???

Last night was Knit Night at Friends – I had not been there in several weeks – boy, did I miss those women!  I broke my “yarn rules” last night as well.  I got some lovely Koigu to cast on for EZ’s BSJ.  This will be my very first EZ project – wow, huh?  So, as I cast on my 160 stitches and began knitting I was so excited!  Reading each step – counting my stitches – not rushing ahead to see what is next – relaxation just washed over me.  Listening to all the conversations around me – Sue’s excitement of a brand new granddaughter, Ann’s work woes, AnnMarie’s work stories, looking at the pictures from Ruby’s daughter’s recent wedding – is it any wonder that I love this group so much?  That and the fact that there was delicious food last night – Sue brought a “celebration” cake from Coldstone and another knitter – who I did not know – brought a fresh blueberry pie.  The pie was divine! 

I was up early this morning – I colored my hair, drank some coffee, played a bit on Ravelry – and now I am finishing up to head to work. 

It will be a get away day for me…. I am going up north with Ken to his sister’s cottage in Charlevoix.  It is a ‘family get together’ – his parents will be there, and most of his siblings – I am sharing a room with his sister, Sue.  I even told Ken about the Fiber Fest that is going on at Castle Farms – to which he replied – “well, we’ll have to go”!  I am hoping to see Susie there as well on Saturday.  Now, I am more than a little nervous about this weekend – meeting all (or almost all) the family????  But, what on earth should I think about a man who wants to go to a fiber festival????? 

Have a great weekend everyone!

I’m in!!!!

Ravelry, that is!  I got my invite today!!  Woohoo!!!  Okay, so this is quick and from work – my user name is AsKatKnits!  This looks like an excellent way to waste time!!  (as if I need another way to waste time!!)

Baby knitting!

Hello everyone – I got the most wonderful phone call from an incredibly dear friend – who, by the way, has been trying, with her dearest husband, for the last 15 years to get pregnant for the second time.  Well, she let me know that they are expecting!!!  I was so thrilled and excited for her – my joy for her, her husband, and son went beyond words.  How truly blessed they are as a family!! 

 After I collected my thoughts – all I could think was – A BABY TO KNIT FOR!!!!! 

On my list of “must knits” – EZ’s Baby Surprise Sweater – thank you Sarah Peasley for the perfect gift!  I also think I need to do some booties – this baby is due in February – a good time for warm and cozy knitted items.  I also need to do a baby blanket – thanks to Laura for her blanket inspiration!

Work has been strange lately, I will try and update you all later.

 Have a great Monday!

Summer Time and the knittin’ is easy…

Hello Everyone! Here is hoping you all had a great week! The weekend was truly welcome here in West Michigan. I was truly in need of a weekend. With taking a day “off” – not really off, but out of the office – I played “catch up” all week. I am more than ready for a new week and not being behind!

Today is my friend Carla’s birthday – she is 40 and fabulous today! She is blogless, but none the less a truly amazing friend. We are meeting today at The Butler in Saugatuck – you will find me sitting on the deck, in the sunshine, beverage in hand, listening to the live music, helping Carla celebrate! I won’t be hard to find – that will be me in my Lush Green Ripple Skirt! I will have a friend take a photo of me in the skirt!! This has to be my favorite knit item ever!! I truly like this skirt! I have plans to knit another one – this one will have a few less hip increases – and some “backside increases” to accomodate my posterior! I am thinking about trying some Rowan Denim – but I am not 100% sure yet. I will keep you all posted.

I have FINALLY begun clue #2 from the Mystery Stole 3 – now, granted – I am only a couple of rows into it, but I have started it!




Voila! My first lace with lace weight yarn!! Okay, there are a few mistakes – but as I look at it they are not glaring – at least not to me. I have missed a couple of beads also – I noticed that as I pinned it out on my ironing board. I am not sure that this will be noticeable either once it is completed. Here is a new flash for you all – I am going to cast on a second one this week! Yes, you read right – I have had some yarn that Susie dyed. I found some beads Friday in Grand Haven that I thought might go with it and, lo and behold, they did. So, I am going to cast on a second Mystery Stole and knit 2 in tandem!! I am going to use a smaller needle size though – I think I am going to use 4’s – rather than 6’s.

On the “cast-on-itis” front – yes, I continue to suffer from this – I cast on Wendy’s Something Red as well last night. I am using some yarn I got last year from Threadbear – and it will be Something Black for me! I am moving along rather quickly – and this is, thus far, an easy knit (read – can watch television while knitting!).

Well, have a great Sunday everyone – see you next week!

The Knitting Mystery

Hello everyone!  Numbers show that many of you are knitting Mystery Stole 3 – and I am one of them.  With well over 6500 of us knitting along – it gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “Knitting Community”.  I have not knit much lace – outside of some socks (which I don’t really classify as lace) and the skirt I just finished – this is my first real forray into the phenomon that is Lace Knitting.  Lace has always intimidated me a bit – it is not something that can be classified as “mindless” knitting.  You have to count, pay attention, read the chart, remember to place beads (another new thing for me!) – as you can see, this is involved knitting!  Last night I sat down to do a bit of knitting on my stole – I am behind, of course, and am only into the second week of knitting – and today started the 4th week, so I want to get myself caught up – or at least that is the plan.  Well, as I was saying – I sat down to knit last night, but I was also watching “Legends of the Fall” – big mistake there!  One cannot divide one’s attention between a mystery and Brad Pitt – or at least I cannot!  One row and I had mistakes!  Oh boy – have you ever tried to “tink” lace?  Trust me when I tell you – it is NOT easy!!!!  So, this morning, all I have on my mind is this lace stole – and how I love a mystery.  I am enjoying this tremendously – knitting along on each section of the pattern somehow seems manageable – and not so daunting.  So, as I diligently work on each section – the anticipation of wondering how this will all end is building.  A bit of tension inside that seems to match my knitting.  I am falling in love with knitting in new and wonderful ways. 

This lace knitting seems to be teaching me some lessons as well – and as I was thinking about my stole this morning, it occurred to me how much life is like this mystery knitting.  We get a section at a time to work on – and we are most successful when we focus on that section and don’t rush ahead. 

 Life has been a bit unsettled lately – lots of changes, some measure of uncertainty, lots of worries.  But, when I look at it like my knitting mystery – take one section at a time, work through it carefully – it is not so daunting. 

It amazes me so much, especially as I approach my 3 year “knit-iversary”, how much knitting has enriched my life!  My friend, Judy (Judy – I hope you don’t think me forward – but I do count you as a friend!!) recently posted in her blog about some reactions that people gave her when she knit at a social function.  Very interesting comments occured – and they caused me to think as well.  Knitting is such a part of my life now – something I do without thought, almost.  In my bag right now is a knitting project – I am never without something to knit!  Knitting has also brought some wonderful friends into my life – people who I would never have met had it not been for knitting. 

One of those people is Sarah – Sarah recently got some awesome news.  She is also an amazing knitter.  Do me a favor – stop over to her blog today and read her news.  Tell her that I sent you and congratulate her.  Sarah – here is to you and your amazing good fortune! 

Here is to Knitting – Knit on my friends!

Photo Finish!

Here are the promised photo’s from our Lansing Trek!


Here is Lynne and one of the Lansing knitters.  I apologize, I do not remember her name!  Can you see some of the yarny goodness that surrounded us at Woven Arts?


Here is Sarah and some of her knitting friends – Sarah is working on her “Faith Jacket”!  Two of the ladies in the group are expecting! 


More of the Lansing Knitters!  In the left corner – Ewe-niss and Sharon


More Lansing Knitters!  It was just such a great ending to an amazing day!  Thank you ladies, one and all! 

** Edited to add:

FYI everyone – the look on poor Lynne’s face was the shock of finding out that yours truly has a tattoo!!  I know, stop the presses!!  There was a lively discussion about tattoo’s that evening.  As an added bonus for all my Lansing friends – if I loose a bit more weight, I am going to get another tattoo!!  Now you can all leave your comments about where you think I will get this new tattoo.  There might be yarny goodness to the correct guesser (is that even a word????)  Ewe-niss, you have me laughing hysterically here at work – when I should be working!!!! 

Lansing, FO’s, and Friends!

Hello everyone!  How is your summer going?  I hope as well as mine – I spent yesterday in lovely Lansing at Mecca surrounded by a multitude of yarns.  What was I doing there, you ask?  Well, I went over with Lynne and Laura.  Laura was kind enough to drive.  We were all amazed that we remembered the way there from last year – personally, I believe it is the “knitter’s homing device” that can detect yarn in any city, town, or village!!  We got to Threadbear and we had much to look at  – I had on my newly completed “Indigo Great Green Ripples Skirt” – I knit this with some Silky Wool from my stash – as soon as I find the camera cord I will post some photo’s!  I have to tell you, I love this flirty little skirt!  It held up well to the day’s activities!!  No bagging at the seat with all the sitting and knitting I did!  I inspired Lynne as well – she is knitting another of Kat Coyle’s skirts – the bobbled one from IK Lace Style book.  Lynne scoured the shop for the perfect yarn to knit it – and she found the perfect red yarn!  I must admit to some stash enhancement enabling yesterday!  Although, I managed to hold firm and not acquire any new yarn. 

Shortly, after our arrival -I heard a familiar voice – Sarah had arrived!!  Sarah is one of the most amazing knitter’s I know.  Her skills are truly incredible.  There will soon be an announcement from Sarah of GINORMOUS proportions.  Stay tuned to her blog for the details.  Sarah is not only a great knitter, but a great story teller!!  She kindly invited us all to “Knit In” in East Lansing that evening.  I was thrilled to find Nancy’s shop Woven Art – it was filled with wonderful yarns – as well as wonderful people.  Sharon was there and some new friends that I had not yet met.  There was food and laughter and lots of knitting.  It was truly an amazing day!!

 Make sure you stop back later for some fun filled pictures from the days adventures!!

Oh, and if you have been hankering for Victorian Lace Today – stop over to The Heathen Housewife – Shelly is having a contest and if you leave a comment, you could win this and a skein of lace weight yarn!!  Get on over there!!

The Postman Rings Twice!

Hello Everyone! As you may know, work for me has been insanely busy this past week. Therefore, I headed in to work bright and early on Saturday morning! I could not sleep as the looming work was swirling around in my head! So, I headed in to work in the quiet that Saturday’s are – I was amazingly productive – and by the time I headed out, I felt back in control and ready for the weekend!! When I arrived home on Friday, there was a lovely box waiting for me, but I did not open it that evening – the kids arrived back home and there was an abundance of activity swirling around the house. When I arrived home from work on Saturday – Mr. Postman had left ANOTHER package on my doorstep!! I did what any good knitter would do – I poured myself a nice frosty glass of iced tea and headed out to my deck with my knitting and a scissors to open my packages!!

The first box was from my Special Swap buddy – Liz. It was a box filled with lovely treasures patterned around the theme – Garden Swap! She did an outstanding job – all kinds of beautiful things!! Not only did the package smell amazing – thanks to a Lily of the Valley scented “sachet”. Liz, this is my favorite flower!! I went on to discover some incredible treats! From Mint Milano cookies to a sunflower scented candle, from some amazing, yummy sock yarn to some incredible handmade “hand knit by” cards and some handmade “thank you” cards! She also included a gorgeous photo album in my favorite color – green!! Liz, you out did yourself!! Thank you for being such a great swap partner!!


The next box was filled with more treats! It was my package from my Coffee Swap 2 pal Wanda did an awesome job, as well on my package!!


As you can see, she sent some great goodies!! From my favorite coffee – Starbucks Sumatra – to some incredible, yarny goodness!! My very own “sheepy’ mug!! I love it all! She even included some awesome biscotti to pair with my cup of joe! I see some Jaywalker socks coming from the Opal yarn she sent – and I am just in awe of the color and softness of the fingering weight Kaalund yarn! I am thinking “Swallowtail” people! The most amazing part was the card that Wanda picked out – check it out gang!!


It has knitting on it!! Attached to very tiny knitting needles! Is this cute or what???!  What an awesome card!!  Wanda, I love it!

Thank you to both of you for sending me such greatly appreciated, beautiful, inspired swap packages!

Well, I am off to enjoy my treats – and to sit and knit a bit.  Have a great Sunday everyone!