Photographic Friday!

Okay, look out everyone – this is going to be a photo intensive post!  I forgot my camera last night at Knit Knite – but a good time was had by all.  Lots of laughter, new projects cast on, some sharing of UFO’s that are becoming FO’s!  It seems that not everyone at knitting last night knew about – okay, ladies – here is the link!  And, you can find the Monkey socks I was working on last night here!  Now, you too can cast on for these awesome socks.  They are moving along nicely – I am doing the picot edge that some of the knit bloggers have done.  If you want the directions Cara has kindly posted them here for all of you.  My only difference is that I am using a size 2 needle, rather than the size 1 Cara used.  I have “thicker” ankles so I wanted a larger circumferenced sock!

 So, I promised photos – well, here you go gang! 

Heidi and her cello

So, here she is – Miss Heidi – Yo Yo Ma, look out! The Symphony Orchestra played for graduation – and wow! They were awesome! Here is a photo of the entire orchestra. You have to be pround of these kids – they all committed to an entire year of arriving at school at 6:30AM – one whole hour before school starts – to be part of this special group.

Entire Orchestra

So, the event of the evening was not to see Heidi play – okay, maybe a part of the evening was to see Heidi play – but Rachel graduated that evening – hold the phone, she even had her picture taken with yours truly! Here she is in all her graduation glory:

Rachel and Me

It was just lovely outside – cold and starting to rain.

Here they are – my three kids, Rachel, Sam, and Heidi.

And, I leave you all with one last photo – Copper, who has put on a bit of weight, we are starting to call him “Chunky” 🙂

Chunky Punky

Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Photographic Friday!

  1. Kat, congratulations! You have wonderful children. Isn’t amazing to see your children at this stage in their lives? Remembering those many years ago that feel like yesterday… when they were little. The morning school routines, their first days of school, first learning to play their instruments… Enjoy! All roads lead to this moment.

  2. Your kids are so cute. The apples don’t fall far from the tree! Congratulations on surviving the whole graduation thang. It only gets better from here.

    Love that dog!

  3. Kat, you left a comment on my blog and I was going to email you but can’t find an email addy for you. I looked at your profile and one thing in particular jumped out at me – you are an NPR junkie! I work at NPR!

  4. What a nice looking family you are! And I love your dog – too cute! (I think mine’s been putting on weight, too.)

  5. IS this little Copper who was just adopted from Midwwest Cavalier rescue? I go to that site and imagine myself adopting one. I will some day. THis week I so wanted Poppy in ala. GOod thing he was adopted. Copper is a doll. Congrats to the graduate.

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