Back to work after a long weekend

Hello from Insanity Central!  Why is it that after a day off work is out of control?  My good intentions and my list for the day are buried somewhere on my desk – if you can find them – pass them back to me, please!  Evidently, all of West Michigan was out looking for houses this weekend!  It is just crazy, I am telling you! 

 I also wanted to blog about my weekend – so I am taking a short break to slow down and while I am doing that, I thought I’d tell you all about my exciting weekend!  Golf on Friday was wonderful – I took 10 strokes off my game from the week prior!!  I golf again on Wednesday night as a fill in for a friend who is on a league, here’s to lopping off another 10 strokes!  Woot, woot! 

My diet is going wonderfully – I have misplaced 20 pounds now – here is hoping that they are lost for good and won’t make their way back to my body!  I am doing wonderfully on this diet, and I tried on some items of clothing from the “back” of my closet – some of which fit!!!  Hello, it is like a NEW wardrobe!  I have a few things that are a bit tight, but if I can loose another 10 pounds, my wardrobe will be expanding again!!  There is something invigorating about loosing weight, outside of the fact that there is less of one to haul around, but it is like your own personal cheering section inside you!! 

Yesterday, I spent the day remembering family members – I don’t have too many relatives that have fought in wars – but all my grandparents are deceased and I spent yesterday thinking about them.  I hope that you all had a glorious day with family, friends, and loved ones – and that you all had some great memories to share.  I also took a great, long walk!  It was a truly beautiful day.

I got one Comfy sock done – sock #2 is cast on and has the cuff about done.  I would have gotten more done, but my allergies were obnoxious and I took some medication which promptly put me to sleep!  So much for knitting good intentions!

 Speaking of good intentions, I had better find my list and get back to work!  Have a great Monday oops, Tuesday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Back to work after a long weekend

  1. Congratulations on improving your golf game! I’ve only tried to play twice and I don’t think I even made it through nine holes. I’d like to try it again sometime, though.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! You should be very proud!

    I went through that experience a few years ago, losing weight and trying on things from the bak of the closet. Oh, it felt good! So far I’ve been able to keep off the weight, but it’s daily choices. And I’ve developed a weakness for Oreos that must be stopped ,LOL.

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