Monday Morning Blah’s?

Am I the only one who feels like the weekend is a total blur?  Did we have a weekend?  It was hectic – and Heidi had her All City Concert on Sunday afternoon.  It was lovely!  Just amazing – I am stunned at how good she is getting, and how good the groups she plays in are getting!!  Wow! 

 Maybe what I really need is a weekend from my weekend!  Now there is a thought – or if wishful thinking could propel a person to a warm, quiet place – I am wishful thinking my heart out!

 Next weekend is the official start to summer – Memorial Day – the weatherman is not promising us the greatest weather – but NO WORK ON MONDAY!!  There is something to look forward to!

 I picked up my SKB again this weekend – I am working on the sleeves in tandem.  This way I know they will be even!!  I also need to pull the bottom out and frog a bit – I need to remove one set of increases and knit it straight for a bit longer than I did.  But, I will do this after I have the sleeves done.  I am anxious to get this sweater done – I think it will be so lovely on.

I better get back to work – have a great Monday all!


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blah’s?

  1. Love the greens!
    You are so busy, we all are……..keep knitting!
    It keeps us “sane”?!

  2. I love my socks, I love my socks, I love my socks, I love my socks!
    Thank you Kat!!!! They are perfect and wonderful!

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