Weekend’s are for catching up!

Hello everyone!  Does everyone feel like the weekend just flies by – with all the catch up you do from the week?  I cannot believe that Saturday is almost over!  I have almost all the laundry done, house cleaned, planted some flowers, and started a NEW blog!

 Welcome to my new blog.  I enjoy blogging, but it is so hard to figure out the email of the commenter on blogspot – I made the decision to move over here to wordpress.  Thank you all for following me over here.  If you comment now, you will get a response back from me! 

My oldest graduates on June 4th.  You may not all be aware that we have a very strained relationship.  She does not live with me – and has not for years.  Mother’s Day was not so great – she did not want to see me or even speak to me.  It is painful to talk about – but, this may be good therapy.  Things began to go downhill with her in 6th grade.  She has anorexia nervosa – and by the time she was in 8th grade we had her in weekly counseling sessions, dietician appointments, doctor appointments.  It was 9 months of hell.  On Good Friday 2004- of all days – her father called me to tell me that Rachel would not be coming back to my house.  Lack of support from him has enabled her to stay there.  I have struggled with a relationship with her ever since.  Oh – she comes over for Christmas and her siblings bring her her birthday gift – but I have measured minutes, not free access.  Her eating disorder has resurfaced recently and I have been an outsider watching her loose weight.  She wants nothing to do with religion – although I pray fervently for her.  This is the main reason she moved out – she did not want to participate in “organized religion”. 

Back to what I originally wanted to talk about – Rachel is graduating – and I have been uncertain if I will even be invited to any of the festivities surrounding that.  I am not having a party for her at my home – she would not come.  My ex has graciously asked me to “help” with the festivities at his home.  I will bite my tongue and help.  I am going to invite disaster as well – I am inviting some family and friends.  If you hear fireworks on the 10th of June – you will know it is just me! 

On to a happier subject – things are moving nicely along with my “dinner companion”!  Heidi has her last concert of the year – the All City Concert is Sunday -and Ken is going with me!  Yes, he has met my kids – or at least 2 of my kids.  Heidi and Sam both give him a “thumbs up”.   Sam went today and helped Ken with mowing the yard – in exchange for a ride in Ken’s classic vehicle.  I don’t know what kind of vehicle it is, but Sam was all excited – it is red and FAST!  Ken is playing Texas Hold ‘Em tonight – so I have the Indydog here.  Indy, Copper, and Penny get along nicely – although Miss Noel is not so sure she likes him! 

 Hope you are all having a great weekend – my evening is going to revolve around knitting and watching Grey’s Anatomy and ER that I “tivo’ed” this week.  That – and coloring my hair!  Later everyone!


5 thoughts on “Weekend’s are for catching up!

  1. Oh Kat, what a heartbreak. You have to believe that someday she will grow past this and find her way back to you. I believe this. Someday you will write on this blog that you have your daughter back. In one kind of way or another…maybe not in ways you can forsee right now….but in a meaningful way. Believe it.

  2. Kat

    You have my utmost compassion. Anorexia is such a horrible disease. How good of you to keep the door open. Estrangement in my family has been long painful. It is so difficult on everyone involved. Please know that you are by no means alone. Niether is she. I believe God is with her even if she is rebuking Him now. Especially because she is.

  3. Hopefully when she gets a little older she will be able to get past all the things you both went through in her teen years. Teenage girls are not easy. My daughter and I had a tough time getting along when she was a teen. We get along wonderful now.

  4. My heart breaks for you. Here’s hoping as she grows up she begins to appreciate you more. On the happy news of your “dinner companion” – yay!

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