I am a travelin’ girl…

Hello everyone! I had a great weekend here in sunny, warm Western Michigan! Yes – you read that right – sunny and warm! The leaves are popping out on the trees, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming! It appears that spring has decided to stay!!

I got a wonderful package from my Special Swap pal – I will post pictures from my journey tonight. It is an awesome package of goodies – incredible yarny goodness!! More later on this.

My package will go out today – if my day goes as planned! I got a few calls over the weekend with some things to take care of this morning – but I have planned the day as a “paper catch up day”.

More later on my weekend adventures!


4 thoughts on “I am a travelin’ girl…

  1. I’m planning on sending the package to my partner today, too. It’ll be fun to read about your “journey.”

  2. Hi – I am ‘fessing up as your KLS partener, because I ordered some things from the States the same day I sent your letter, and *they* haven’t turned up yet, so I’m thinking it is likely that your letter hasn’t turned up, either! So, um – in case I’m right? I sent you a letter! From Canada, hence the stupid-long wait. Hope you get it soon!

  3. I am very happy you liked my package (I got your email, sorry I haven’t replied yet, I am playing catch up too!)
    I am looking forward to mine 🙂

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