Cafe’ Pops and one proud Mom!

Hello Everyone!! Last night was my daughter Heidi’s big spring orchestra to-do! It was Cafe’ Pops – some great desserts to delight your palatte and some even better music to delight your ears. Heidi is a sophomore and is in Concert and Symphony Orchestra – she plays the cello. I tried to snap some photo’s last night – but it was a bit dark and the “no flash” request had gone out to all of us in the audience. This is the first year for Symphony Orchestra at Holland Public Schools – this is true dedication for both students and teacher – this class starts at 6:30AM every morning – this is an hour and 20 minutes before the regular school day starts! All I can say is WOW! They were awesome – it was an evening designed for a mother’s pride. I have been attending concerts for Heidi since she was in 5th grade orchestra – let me tell you, all those hours of practice have certainly paid off. The high end cheese cakes paled in comparison to the musics the students played. I had goosebumps! If any of you would like a “replay” there is one more big event – the All-City Concert is May 20th at the Dome. Not only will you hear the Orchestra’s and Jazz Band that played last night – you will be treated by the Middle School Orchestra’s and the 5th grade orchestra. Come on out and have your senses delighted by our amazing musicians!!

Not much to share on the knitting front – and work is still at an insane pace. I am happy it is the weekend!

Have a good one – one and all!


6 thoughts on “Cafe’ Pops and one proud Mom!

  1. My proud Mom moment was last night too. Elder was in the talent show. We thought she would do poetry or a reading. Nope, her friend talked her into dancing. We don’t call my daughter Grace for a good reason. It’s more the sarcastic kind. Friend then drops out because of conflict and my youngin did it solo. Hasn’t had a dance class since 5 years of age when we discovered her true talent is not in the shake your booty kind. But I was so proud that she got out there and did it! And even remembered to smile while doing it.

  2. YEAH, Heidi! From one cellist to another… way to go! I use to play the cello, but I will say that after a few years of not playing it – I didn’t realize how many back muscles I used. The fingers did remember where to go…

    So Heidi, how did you like lugging it to school and other events? I was always wishing I played the flute 🙂

    Congratulations, Kat! It is always nice when our children surprise us in amazing ways.

  3. I loved those days of concerts and jazz band performances….and I miss them. Isn’t it incredible when our childrens’ talent is out there to be appreciated by so many?
    Enjoy these days.

  4. It sounds like it was a great concert! I always enjoyed our orchestra and choir concerts. And I wish I had continued to play the violin.

  5. Way to go Heidi! Cello was always the instrument I wanted to play, but no strings program at my school so I picked bassoon.

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