It’s Blogiversary Eve!

Wow, tomorrow As Kat Knits will be 1 year young! Where did the time go? It is hard to imagine how much change has happened in the last year of my life – job changes, life changes, knitting challenges, and new friends! I feel a contest coming on – I shall ponder it over the evening and post the details in the morning.

The weather here has been just lovely! Hope it is equally lovely in your corner of the world.

Stay tuned for more…


4 thoughts on “It’s Blogiversary Eve!

  1. Ours would be lovelier if it was a tad cooler. We miss Spring every year. We get the rain, just not the mild temps. The word ver I am getting is pigta, something to do with your hubby?c

  2. Happy Blogiversary, Kat! May the next year be even better.

    🙂 And have a great weekend. by the by – I can’t remember if you discussed this on your blog… going to Ann Arbor for the Harlot?

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