Some Coffee and Norovember

Hello everyone! Are you all ready for time change this weekend? An extra hour to sleep? I am excited because there is an extra hour to knit! That is awesome in my opinion – although I do have to work Friday night and all day Saturday. I will still have an extra hour to knit!

My daughter has the “Decomposers Festival” tonight – a ghoulishly fun time for orchestra students! What is “Decomposers Festival” you ask? Well – it is a concert where all students dress up for Halloween – and the audience can dress up as well. They play some “scary” music – and since my daughter is so witty and bright – she and her friends are the “deal or no deal” girls – I know, what am I thinking! Pick your battles, parents. But, Heidi is in the Chamber Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra – so I get to listen to her play twice! It is a fun time for all.

Does anyone out there like coffee as much as I do? If you do you might want to head over to the Knitter’s Coffee Swap site and sign up. Hurry – there are only 50 spots available and I have taken one of them!!

If that does not interest you but you love Noro yarn then Norovember maybe be for you. I was so excited about this KAL – I have cast on Clapotis in Noro Silk Garden – I just took a class on entrelac and knitting backwards – yes, knitting backwards – and I picked Noro Kureyon for that – it will be the cutest felted bag when I am done. AND, I got some Silk Garden this summer at a ‘close out sale’ to make my girlfriend Sursa for Christmas. I also want to get out a sweater I had started last year – all I need to do is finish the sleeves of Larstorp done and sew it together! If I get really motivated and get all these projects done – I can cap off the month by knitting Gesta with some Kochoran I got on sale this summer as well. I think that Norovember will be soo much fun.

Hope you are all having a great week. I cannot believe that October is almost over – but it has been much colder than normal here with snow and freezing rain. I hope that November warms up a bit!

Have a great Thursday all!


4 thoughts on “Some Coffee and Norovember

  1. Yeah! AN extra hour! I have 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden that I have always intended to use for Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole…Your post reminded me of that! Thanks for the coffee swap link…I’m thinking about it!
    Love you!

  2. I think were both addicted to swaps and caffeine. I just joined today and Im excited about it. I was also in the KTS2 and received some great tea! Now, bring on the coffee!

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