Laboring on Labor Day

Hello Everyone! Did you all have a great weekend? It was not bad here – I got all the furniture moved on Friday with the help of my friend. We unloaded the truck on Saturday morning with help from a couple of friends – so my garage is packed to the gills with furniture. I worked today on unpacking the boxes – putting things away and moving some furniture around. I moved in the kitchen (photo’s later) a “sideboard” that has some excellent storage – it replaced a smaller cabinet that I moved downstairs for the stereo that came home from Clare – now the kids can have music (can you call what teenager’s listen to music?) downstairs – thus saving my sanity. Smart mom, huh? I moved my bedroom around – but I am waiting to finish up until Kyle gets his dressers out of here. Then I will move in a couple more pieces from the garage.

I have been trying to diet – emphasis on trying – but it is not easy working 2 jobs and dieting! I am figuring that I have done some good exercise this weekend moving all that stuff around! That is a bonus – I am in the and I am not happy to admit that I have only lost 1 lb. since signing up. I am hoping that stress keeps me from loosing weight – sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂

I did get some knitting done last night and this afternoon – I worked on my socks from Knit Cafe – I am close to (within 10 rows) to my toe decreases! Woo Hoo – and just in time – the weather has been decidedly nippy at night – sock weather is knocking on the door. Photo’s of these great socks are coming – stay posted.

Have a great evening everyone – school and work tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Laboring on Labor Day

  1. Losing 1 pound is better than gaining 1! 🙂 I’m impressed that you’ve lost with all you’ve been going through. You’re doing a great job and you should be very proud of yourself!

    I can’t wait to see the socks!!!

  2. I’ve just been catching up on my blog reading. I hope you are doing ok with everything you have been going through. And congratulations on the 1 pound – we all have to start somewhere.

    Your Yarn Aboard Pal

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