Ushering in September

Hello Everyone. Well, it is Friday and September 1st! Welcome September! I am ready for a new season – school to start – life to get back to normal (is there such a thing?).

As Labor Day weekend unfolds – I am heading to Clare today – moving furniture out of the cottage. A friend is helping me – and I am eternally grateful for his help. My challenge for the day is biting my tongue and saying nothing to my husband – wish me luck, or better yet – say a prayer for me!

The remainder of the weekend, I am cleaning the house and moving my bedroom furniture around. A new perspective all around.

On a positive note – SP8 ended yesterday and sign ups for start today. Get on over there and sign up – it is 3 months of fun.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


One thought on “Ushering in September

  1. Best of luck on moving furniture and getting things rearranged. I read your post from the other day and my heart sunk — I feel for you and your kids and will keep you in my prayers.

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